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Complete fashion design activities as a part of a study on protecting the environment. For this fashion and environment lesson, students discuss global environmental awareness and work in groups to list recyclable products that can be used in fashion design. Assign online research as to how the materials can be recycled and a paper for the research. Students design fashion sketches using the materials.
Some gorgeous images will inspire your students to create different fashion designs from a wide variety of natural sources. Students study color, pattern, texture, shape and form to create their own original piece. This one concept can be followed over multiple weeks of classes in order to complete the full process.
What kind of careers are there in the art field? Create an arts occupation book with your class while investigating several art careers. Students include samples in their book of the types of art each career produces.    
Study the fabric folding techniques introduced and lead your class in applying them to quiltmaking, home decorating, fashion design, and other sewing projects. This lesson is geared to making items themed for halloween, but could be easily adapted to any event.
Review fashion capitols with your high schoolers and choose a major designer to research. They will use a worksheet to develop an oral presentation for the class on the fashion designer of their choice.
Have your young scholars study selected fashion designers. In pairs, they review the designers and fashion capitols on Websites provided by the teacher and then present oral reports. Using a research worksheet, students assemble their findings into short presentations that include visual aids.
Pupils research the background of a specific designer and his or her influence on the fashion industry. They prepare a written report as well as a brief PowerPoint presentation to share with the class. Students select a designer to study.
Students examine famous monarch portraits and costume books, create a design for the emperor, examine fabric samples and choose a type and color for their costume. They sketch the costume and present it in a class fashion show.
Students show creativity in developing their own brands of clothing.
Over 3 or 4 class periods your young designers will create a wearable garment that provides some sort of protection from a danger in everyday life. For this fashion design lesson, students investigate fear in our society and brainstorm ways to protect people. There are resources linked that will help research into new and viable products. Students present their ideas in an advertisement.
Students explore easy techniques for creating folded shapes with Christmas-colored fabrics to make quilts, stockings, table runners, placemats, pillows, or count-down calendars
How do fashion and math relate? Using interactive websites and video clips, learners apply proportional reasoning to the fashion industry. They look for patterns and linear relationships, apply unit rate concepts to garment materials costs and retail pricing. Make merchandisers out of your mathematicians with this two-part lesson!
Introduce the background of design and designers and their role in communicating their thoughts to others. In groups, you can assign participation in a writing cluster on various designers and write paragraphs to submit to magazines. To end the lesson, your class will examine types of advertisements and create their own using the same characteristics.
Learners develop and design their own clothing line in this Visual Arts lesson plan about the intricacies of the fashion world. Emphasis is placed upon current and vintage designs, famous designers, and the development of individual design styles.
Discover fashion terms with your class, they will design details while examining the top designers and world fashion centers. Among the topics discussed are: marketing, specializing, and designer labeling. To complete the assignments, young scholars write reports or give Powerpoint presentations on fashion capitals, designers, or an historic era in fashion design. There are multiple attachments including assignment details, sketch books and grading sheets.
Students demonstrate knowledge of the principles of design. They produce portfolio pages to show they know what rhythm is and demonstrate the elements of design and their relationship to the principle of rhythm. They explore the world of fashion designers, artists, and fashion illustrators.
In this Coco Chanel worksheet, students read about the life of the designer, then complete a variety of comprehension activities. An answer key is included.
The importance of fashion on society is identified and new vocabulary associated with fashion is defined. Using the internet, your class will identify the major fashion capitals of the world and write about one. To end the lesson, they discuss the value of a fashion designer.
Students explore art careers. In this career education lesson, students explore three different learning stations which simulate several art careers. Students construct a career book after this activity.
Fourth graders identify different French products and the materials used to create them. They compare the French products to those that are made in America in order to show the differences in the two cultures.

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