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Students explore the significance of holiday foods, first by researching Halloween-type festivals from around the world, and then by reporting on foods related to different holidays celebrated in their homes.
Festivals are a huge part of the human experience. Kids have the task of creating their own festival after analyzing the ornate Indian sculpture, Hunaman. They create a god or hero of their own, and then create a holiday to celebrate their creation. They write a vivid piece describing what a tourist would experience if attending their festival.
Students discuss traditions. In this Chinese history lesson, students discover why the Dragon boat Festival is considered an improtant tradition in China and make a dragon boat out of clay.
Students examine the Chinese Moon Festival. In this cultural lesson, students read stories about the Moon Festival and discuss the vocabulary words. Students then write a paragraph and illustrate what they have learned about the festival.
In this online interactive geography quiz instructional activity, students respond to 12 identification questions about famous festivals that occur in the world. Students have 3 minutes to finish the timed quiz.
Students create a poster advertising the Gullah Geechee Cultural Festival on Sapelo Island.  In this Gullah Geechee culture lesson, students watch a video called "Gullah Music" and discuss the music and traditions of the slaves from Sapelo Island.  Students brainstorm essential information to include on posters advertising the festival and create posters to advertise the event.
Students examine how five different countries use light in their celebrations and festivals. They locate countries on a map, conduct research and prepare a poster for a specific holiday, complete a worksheet, and create a tin lantern.
Middle Schoolers research Arkansas community festivals which are tied to the landscape. They create brochures that reflect the festival from a geographical and historical perspective and share them with the class. This ambitious and creative plan should be ideal for middle schoolers. Some real-life festival brochures are embedded in the plan to help guide your pupils.
Students read about the Glastonbury Festival and then have to plan their own summer festival. In this festival lesson plan, students fill out worksheets and create a presentation for their festival.
Students explore historical youth culture events. In this youth culture instructional activity, students discover details regarding the Altamont, Woodstock, and Monterey concerts. Students conduct research that regarding the rock festivals and analyze audience reactions as they watch video segments. Students write persuasive essays regarding youth culture.
Students research various cultural and religious festivals celebrated and observed by Australians, describing common elements and identifying adaptations that have been made for life in Australia.
Bring the excitement and beauty of Japanese festivals into your classroom. Kids with special needs create calendars that reflect special festivals and holidays common to Japanese culture. They start the project by creating a list of Japanese celebrations, discussing each one.
Students plan for an end of the year lunch.  In this festive farewell feast lesson, students divide the work and create invitations to their luncheon.  Students prepare food for the feast. Students participate in counting out feast supplies. Students review safety in the kitchen.
Students investigate Festivals and invent a new one, and write a short review of it.
Learners explore the diversity of European festivals. In this cultural diversity lesson, students visit selected Web sites to research ancient festivals, the Edinburgh Fringe, and the Glastonbury. Learners may organize their own festivals.
Sixth graders present a Greek festival. In this Greek festival lesson, 6th graders experience many facets of an ancient Greek festival. Students in sixth grade present the Greek festival to second grade students.
Students examine and compare/contrast various harvest festivals from around the world. They read books, sing songs, and create various art projects about the harvest festivals from Ghana, China, Korea, Vietnam, and India.
Fourth graders research some of the diverse festivals that are held in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. They publish their research by creating a "Festival Cube." They share their research with other students as they rotate through a group.
In this summer festival worksheet, students read a 7-paragraph article about European summer festivals and respond to 6 short answer questions. Vocabulary words and definitions are included.
Students discuss what they know about famous actors. In groups, they work together to match new vocabulary words to their definitions. They read an article about the Cannes Film Festival and answer questions.

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