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Sixth graders present a Greek festival. For this Greek festival lesson, 6th graders experience many facets of an ancient Greek festival. Students in sixth grade present the Greek festival to second grade students.
Students explain how bluegrass music gained popularity across the country and around the world. They describe the roles of artists, patrons and music organizations in producing bluegrass music festivals. In addition, they use a variety of technological resources to gather, synthesize and communicate knowledge.
Fourth graders research some of the diverse festivals that are held in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. They publish their research by creating a "Festival Cube." They share their research with other students as they rotate through a group.
Students discuss what they know about famous actors. In groups, they work together to match new vocabulary words to their definitions. They read an article about the Cannes Film Festival and answer questions.
Students investigate the native Peruvian celebration of Inti Raymi (Festival of The Sun). The lesson provides sufficient background information about the holiday. Students compare the holiday to traditional American holidays.
Students read about European holidays and then design their own creative festival. In this cultural awareness lesson, students use primary and secondary resources in order to uncover facts and practices that occur during European festivals.
Students research information about Halloween and other cultural festivals of the dead. In this festivals of the dead lesson, students use the assigned website to examine All Hallow's Eve, the Obon, or Los Dias de los Muertos. They compare and contrast the holidays by looking at the festivals, masks, and food.
Students reflect in journals how the Green Corn Festival compares to present day holidays and look for ways that the tribes celebrate it differently.
Students investigate the technology concepts used to create a brochure for a Louisiana festival. They use Microsoft Publisher WIzard to design it and conduct research using online information to add to the brochure. The assessment is the brochure and directions are included in the lesson.
Students and parents partake in a noncompetitive field day. They participate in a Festival Day by playing various games or relaxing in the rest area. In addition, they wander freely around school grounds searching for friends, family, and their favorite activities.
Third graders label a map of ancient Greek and Roman civilizations and do a written report on one element of these two cultures. They participate in discussions of food, farming, daily life and government (among others). Students use the internet to research their topic. The lesson culminate in a Greek and Roman Festival.
Students investigate the importnce of celebrations anf festivals in Japanese culture and then create a story based upon an image from the lesson. Resource links are provided for images of events.
Students discuss the importance of annual festivals to maintaining a sense of community and culture for different people groups. They focus on the festival of Junkanoo as celebrated in the Bahamas each December, and discover its history and the way it helped to preserve the culture of the slaves.
Middle schoolers examine a Bahamian festival called Junkanoo. They analyze how group cooperation is related to the festival. They finally identify how factions form and how they can help or hurt a community.
In this religion worksheet set, 3rd graders read about the Chinese lantern festival and make a lantern. They read about Diwali, examine pictures of a dreidel and a manger, and read short entries about Christian festivals.
Students work together to develop a festival for book lovers. High schoolers work with young children and practice their reading. Traveling between reading stations, they focus on different reading standards. They act as role-models to the young children as well.
Fourth graders create a PowerPoint presentation on information about the International Festival of the Sea (IFOS). In small groups, they create a five slide presentation. They self-evaluate, and then show their presentation to the rest of the class.
Students sing and perform the song "Festival Hosanna" by Carole Stephens in this Choral instructional activity for the High School classroom. Emphasis is placed upon the National Standards for Music and singing proper Latin text in a group setting.
For this reading comprehension worksheet, students read a page long story and answer 5 multiple choice comprehension questions. 
Here are some interesting activities teachers can do with students to teach them about the religious and cultural festivals of the world.

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