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Students research volcanoes in Washington State and in Tanzania and create a poster on one specific volcano in each area. Once research is complete on each area, students compare and contrast volcanoes in Washington State and Tanzania.
Students explore the regions of the United States. They work individually and in groups and use both fiction and non-fiction resources to study the US Regions.
Third graders discover the relative location of Greece. In this Greece lesson plan, 3rd graders explore maps and complete mapping activities based on the location of Greece.
Students plan a week-long trip around the state of Minnesota. They write a detailed itinerary for their trip and fill in a blank map of Minnesota with the places and routes listed in their itinerary.
Fourth graders identify the five regions and the states within them. They research a state from each of five regions, then they choose one of those states to do an extensive research report on following teacher guidelines. They work in the computer lab and incorporate information using Kidspiration.
Eighth graders examine the impact of geography on a region. In this geography lesson, 8th graders study the themes of geography. Students write an open response to a question.
Geographers study the six natural divisions of Arkansas on a relief map and its population diversity throughout history using the five themes of geography. They identify settlement patterns associated with the six natural divisions of Arkansas. This is a well-written lesson plan that comes with a list of historic reading material suggestions.
Students complete several cross-curricular activities to learn the letter Ff. In this letter recognition lesson plan, students complete activities that include geography, music, physical education, science, seasonal, space science, and online practice to practice the letter Ff.
Learn about Mexican culture while simultaneously strengthening reading, writing and computer skills. In order to get the most out of Esperanza Rising, pupils should have prior knowledge of Mexican culture. Therefore, there are links to a website included, and an anticipation guide designed to prepare your class. Once these are complete, your class will be ready for a thorough novel study!
Explore positive and negative character traits and universal themes in the story of Cinderella with primary learners. Story elements are reviewed and discussion questions are listed. Learners practice retelling the story and begin a service learning component in which they participate in a clothing drive. Then they research local agencies and choose one for how they will donate the clothing items.
Learners explore the ancient civilization of Mali and examine various historical and cultural aspects of the civilization. In this ancient civilization of Mali lesson, students examine trade with respect to geographic locations, discover the Sudiata's Legacy and examine the five pillars of Islam.
Fifth graders explore the regions, states, and capitals that make up the United States. Through the five lessons in this unit students locate and name the fifty states and their capitals.
Second graders identify the universal theme in the Cinderella story. In this fairy tale lesson, 2nd graders develop their vocabularies as they read a variation of Cinderella.
Student's identify geographic features of a South American map. They use the scale of the map to calculate distances between points. They identify examples of the five geographic themes on the map of South America.
Students discover the uses for various types of maps. In this geography skills instructional activity, students discuss the type of maps that exist and what their individual features are. Students then practice using different types of maps.
Seventh graders write adventure stories that incorporate what they know about geography. In this writing skills lesson, 7th graders use Go Animate to share their stories with their classmates.
A great lesson focuses on important cultural and historical places in the state of Arkansas. Learners are introduced to six important places in Arkansas, then create a report on a place in Arkansas. Some excellent photographs, resource links, and blackline masters are included in this fine plan.
Students brainstorm what kinds considerations might have to be made when building a trading post. They create an artistic representation of what their trading post would look like (two- or three- dimensional).
Fourth graders explore the geographical features of their State as they learn the names and locations of rivers within NC and see and state the relationship between rivers and potential economic development in a land.
Young scholars research the origins of Samba in Brazil using the internet. After defining new vocabulary, they locate the cities in Brazil using latitude and longitude which practice the Samba. In groups, they compare and contrast the different types of Latin American dances and music and write an essay to end the instructional activity.

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