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For this word recognition worksheet, learners trace the word "football," write the word independently, and color the picture of the football.
In this word recognition instructional activity, students trace the words "helmet and football," write the words independently, and color the picture of a helmet and football.
For this free fall kinematics worksheet, students solve a variety of problems using given equations to find velocities of objects dropped at rest, position of objects dropped from rest and velocities of objects thrown upwards.
In this football worksheet, students match football terms with their definitions. Students complete 20 matches total on this worksheet.
In this writing and reference worksheet, students identify and name the physical qualities of a document of their choice. Then they identify three major things the author stated that are important and why they believe the document was written. Finally, students use the chart to list people, objects, and activities mentioned.
In this football worksheet, learners color a picture of a football and helmet and trace words "My favorite team is" and continue the sentence with their favorite team. Students trace, color, and write 1 time each.
In this trivia learning exercise, students will answer twenty trivia questions with a number. Each question asks about an amount of something.
Students participate in two minute drills throwing and catching a football. In this football lesson, the students are divided into teams and pass the football at various distances. The students may rotate their team roles after each drill.
In this word search about football worksheet, students read the football related words in the word bank and find them in the word search. Students find 19 words.
In this football instructional activity, students read clues and use logic to determine the names of football players.  This one-page instructional activity contains 16 problems.  Answers are provided.
In this algebra worksheet, students translate 39 word problems into algebraic terms and solve them. They complete 42 problems about coordinate graphing, working with ordered pairs, slop, and equations of lines.. They make 2 scatter grams from the given tables.
In these Forrest Gump activity worksheets, learners complete several chapters worth of questions in order to advance their understanding of the novel.
In this London activity and progress test worksheet, students respond to a total of 16 short answer, multiple choice, matching, and fill in the blank questions pertaining to London.
In this vocabulary worksheet, students match words to definitions, solve riddles and complete fill in the blank sentences. Students do the same activities for 4 sets of 20 words.
What is bias? How can you tell when an author uses it? Use this worksheet to examine author bias with your class. 
In this bias worksheet, students fill in blanks, rewrite a report showing an opposite viewpoint, and answer questions about bias.
In this films worksheet, students match the first part to the end part of film titles, write examples of films, match definitions of types of films, and more. Students complete 13 activities.
In this Welsh history instructional activity, students identify the names of four famous Welsh people based on the descriptions given. Students also take an eight question multiple choice quiz based on their knowledge of Wales. Students participate in a jigsaw reading activity and learn several Welsh words that are listed on a chart.
In this verb usage worksheet, pupils determine if ten rules are true or false and if false change the underlined verb so that they are true. Students match five laws that were put into practice with the time period that they were executed and then use each law in a complete sentence using past tense forms of verbs.
In this "Unbreakable" worksheet, students watch the movie and respond to 23 short answer questions regarding information from the plot of the movie.

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