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Learners explore how a dream to build a medieval castle came to reality. In this instructional activity, students read an article about a knight's castle that is being built in France, then complete numerous activities such as a quiz, a debate, a class discussion and a spelling test.
Students explore the incredible obstacles that Lance Armstrong overcame to become the second American winner of the Tour de France. They choose a person whom they admire as the subject of a 'Man in the News' or 'Woman in the News' article.
Lessons about France can cover art, history, and the colonization of Africa.
Students explore the growing unrest in France in November 2005. They read various editorial responses to the violence and brainstorm problems and solutions that might help the people of France move forward effectively.
Second graders create their own ending to a story concerning fire safety. After watching the film, "Frances the Firefly", 2nd graders create a drawing of their own ending to the film. They practice a variety of ways to say no when faced with the dangers of playing with matches.
In this Napoleon instructional activity, students read about how life in France changed under his leadership. There are a variety of graphic, twelve short-answer questions, and one extended writing prompt.
Students explore the topics of geography and bicycle racing in a variety of ways. They present an informational expose describing a stage city of the Tour de France. They describe the cultural interest which the stage city hold for spectators.
In this World Cup worksheet, learners read the article, answer true and false questions, complete synonym matching, complete phrase matching, complete a gap fill, answer short answer questions, answer discussion questions, write, and more about the game between France and Uruguay. Students complete 10 activities total.
In need of a lot of information on the La Belle Époque and shifts in British and French government a the turn of the century? Well, here is a 79 slide presentation covering British and French history from 1870-1911. A fantastic resource to accompany a world history unit on the democratic beginnings of Britain and France.
Students explore French culture. In this cross-curriculum social studies lesson, students listen to Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans and identify words and landmarks associated with France. Students pronounce several phrases in French, observe and manipulate French coins, and play Charades.
Students identify produces found in France and they mention the location for the origin of each particular product. This is a platform for them to review the geography of France.
Learners create a nature journal for an imaginary trip around France. They Identify animals and plants that live in France and describe its landscape. In addition they research a period in France's history and prepare a brief summary of the material for class presentation.
Young scholars examine the conditions in France and Spain during the Middle Ages and the Discovery of America. In groups, they compare and contrast the political situations in both countries and what effect they had on the New World. To end the lesson, they discuss the effects of the French Revolution and how certain people can have effect on the history of the world.
In this French history study guide worksheet, students read a brief overview pertaining to the history of France from the Reformation to the present and fill in the blanks with the appropriate words. Students also respond to 25 short answer questions regarding the topic.
Students read an article about protests in France. They complete vocabulary exercises and comprehension activities. They take a quiz, complete worksheets and discuss a timeline of protest movements in France.
Students read, discuss and analyze a newspaper article about France introducing a ban on smoking in bars, cafes and restaurants. They assess the key vocabulary words used in the article and view the grammar side of the article.
In this French history study guide worksheet, students read a brief overview pertaining to major events in history of France from circa 1500 to the present.
Pupils explore story settings by completing a chart.  In this storytelling lesson, students read a story about 17th Century France and the lack of women in the area.  Pupils predict the story points before they read and complete a historical worksheet based on the history of France.
Students explore the regions of France. In this cultural studies activity, students research the geographic and cultural regions of France. Students prepare PowerPoint presentations to share their findings with their classmates.
In this world history activity, students explore the political problems in France between 1795 and 1799 by carefully reading the text on this page and answering 3 short answer questions.