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In this Franklin Pierce learning exercise, students color and creatively decorate a picture of the fourteenth President of the United States, Franklin Pierce.
Detailing the political and social events leading up to the Civil War, this presentation provides students with maps, political cartoons, and photographs to put this time period into historical context. The Presidential Elections of 1852, 1856, and 1860 are summarized in the slides, complete with breakdowns and implications of results.
In this online interactive history quiz instructional activity, students respond to 50 multiple choice questions about Abraham Lincoln. Students may submit their answers to be scored.
In this online interactive history quiz worksheet, students respond to 50 multiple choice questions about the American Civil War. Students may submit their answers to be scored.
As Inauguration Day approaches, prepare your learners by researching the protocol of years past.
Students discuss the impact of an invasive species on Earth. They examine prevention and control techniques being used already.
Students investigate the concept of time by watching a video, visiting websites and exploring what a minute is. They determine which hand on the clock is a minute hand and develop time management calendars.
Students study the United States Presidents through a variety of activities, games, and puzzles. In this United States President lesson plan, students are introduced to the Presidents and the role the president has played throughout American history. This lesson plan contains eight different activities and four games or puzzles. Portraits of each President is included.
Students examine the process of presidential inauguration. They examine and discuss primary source documents and complete worksheets.
Students assess where the presidents of the United States were born and analyze the role of geography in determining the outcome of presidential elections. They create graphs visualizing the birth and home states of the presidents along with the elections for President of the United States.
Students examine Nathaniel Hawthorne's style of humor and compare it to other humorists. They discuss the purpose of literary humor and determine how it develops characters and plots in stories. They analyze the use of different types of literary conventions as well.
Students identify the Presidents of the U.S. by their physical characteristics and their impact on America. In this Presidents lesson plan, students read about each President, look at their pictures, and identify each of them based on their look and their impact.
High schoolers use comparative Internet research to formulate a prediction regarding the next president of the United States. They give presentations each week on how his or her candidate is faring in the political race.
Students research how and why a country elects to have an executive branch of the government. They study the office of the Presidency of the US.
In this 8th grade social studies standardized test practice worksheet, students respond to 45 multiple choice and 12 short answer questions that require them to review their knowledge of history and government in the United States.
Eighth graders explore the role of Jefferson Davis and his leadership of the Confederacy during the Civil War. They examine the command system used in the Confederacy and analyze the effectiveness of the command system.
In this government worksheet, students find the names of the presidents in the word search puzzle. The answers are found by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.
In this American Presidents worksheet, students match the names of 25 Presidents with a phrase that tells something about them. This page begins with number 46 and ends with number 65.
In this American Presidents review worksheet, students match the 21 former Presidents listed to the appropriate descriptions.
In this American presidents worksheet, students match the descriptions of 25 presidents to the appropriate listed presidents' names.

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