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Interest your French classes in making comparisons and using the expressions plus que, presque aussi que, tous les deux, and beaucoup plus que. They study a list of Internet businessmen who have made a financial bundle. Then they compare the lives of people who hold different jobs. A great resource for building comparison vocabulary and engaging your learners. 
Students explore Cameroonian culture. In this French lesson plan, students participate in activities that require them to discover the ties between Cameroonian culture and French culture.
Students imagine they are a 'marchand-mercier' (or salesman) and write a persuasive letter to sell French items. For this art analysis lesson, students identify the role of a 'marchand-mercier' and write a three-paragraph letter to sell items to a client.
Students discover French letter sound combinations. They read a French poem in which they discover different combinations that rhyme. They continue the rhyming pattern by adding their own lines to the poem. They read their poem to the class to practice pronunciation.
Students identify rhyming words in the French language. In this French rhyming words lesson, students participate in a shared reading of the poem "J'adore la pizza" by Karen Kransky. Students complete a cloze activity on the poem, break the rhyming words into syllables, and write an expansion of the poem.
In this adjective or adverb worksheet, students fill in the blanks and choose the correct words to complete the sentences with either the adjective or adverb form of the word given. Students complete 35 sentences.
Oú est la cuisine? Several activities are suggested here to develop and further vocabulary acquisition for your beginning French speakers. They draw pictures of different rooms in a house and place objects around the room. Then, using prepositions, they describe where the objects are located. There is a series of questions and answers for partner pairs to practice, and there are websites with additional materials. Great activities to create or supplement your unit! 
Avez-vous une sorci dans la cuisine? Cut out these cards and play go-fish with your French learners! Practice adjectives, prepositions, and Halloween vocabulary. So fun! 
Practice the present continuous form and comparative and superlative adjectives with a short worksheet. Young learners read answers to questions, then form the questions based on context clues and word banks. Some activities require kids to know comparative and superlative adjectives, while others focus on the present continuous (progressive) form.
Review possessive pronouns and adjectives with your intermediate and advanced French speakers. They complete four exercises to help them recall the appropriate possessives. All sentences relate to the family and family-related vocabulary. 
What are the rules for adding adjectives to a sentence? Where should you place the adjective? This activity introduces the rules for feminine, masculine, and color adjectives in French. It includes phrases to translate from English to French and vice versa. 
In this linking verbs and adjectives worksheet, students choose phrases from a word bank to complete conversations. Students match phrases to six sentence.  
In this grammar worksheet, learners read 10 sentences about a variety of topics. Students complete each sentence by filling in either an adjective or adverb.
In this foreign language worksheet, students select the proper response to complete each of 10 sentences. Each choice includes two adjectives in alternate order. Students select the correct order of the adjectives.
In this grammar worksheet, students use the words in the word bank to fill in the 10 sentences on the page. Students need to change the verb to the correct form so that the sentence is grammatically correct.
In this adjective placement worksheet, students review and discuss the seven main types of adjectives and create four sentences from phrases and adjectives.
In this descriptive adjectives worksheet, students practice using descriptive adjectives in a how-to report to show how something looks, sounds, feels, tastes, or smells. Students complete three activities for descriptive adjectives.
In this adjective clauses worksheet, students complete ten sentences with a singular or plural word from the word box. Some words may be used more than once and the verb form may need to be changed.
In this linking verbs and adjectives activity, students read 6 conversations and fill in the blanks in each of them with the appropriate phrases.
Adjectives and Adverbs are the focus of this Standardized Test-type of instructional activity. Learners consider ten sentences, and make changes, if necessary, to the underlined portions of each sentence. This instructional activity would provide excellent practice leading up to test-taking season!

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