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Healthcare varies from one country to the next. Introduce your high schoolers to the healthcare system in France and some of the vocabulary words used to describe one's health. There are several activities detailed in these pages. You could play "Simon Says" with your class, practice the dialogue provided, or create voodoo-like dolls to practice identifying the correct illness according to location. Since sewing an actual voodoo doll is probably not a possibility (as the lesson suggests), use paper forms instead. 
Students explain the purpose of cave paintings and rock art, identify some of the animals that roamed France in prehistoric times, appreciate the methods used by ancient civilization to create cave and rock art, and use appropriate French words related to cave exploration.
Students identify produces found in France and they mention the location for the origin of each particular product. This is a platform for them to review the geography of France.
Students use clothing vocabulary while visiting online French clothing catalogs. They purchase articles of clothing and create a spreadsheet where they record the cost of each article purchased. Students visit a currency exchange rate website and figure the exchange rate of Euros to American dollars.
Follow the development of the English language from its Anglo-Saxon roots. Various Germanic, Roman, and French words helped form our English vocabulary and are incorporated into this quiz. See how well you know the beginnings of English words with 10 multiple-choice questions.
Students learn about French and Canadian Christmas traditions and compare and contrast them to American traditions. They use English-French glossaries and dictionaries. Students learn to pronounce words from the related vocabulary list and use them in sentences.
Tenth graders study the history, performance, production and audience elements of selected ballets to understand their relevance to society. They physically learn basic ballet movement vocabulary to embody the dance form.
Seventh graders engage in the study of the French language in order to learn the words needed to play "Go Fish". They use cooperative learning in small groups to practice the words while being engaged in the playing of the card game.
Students identify Spanish words used in English, study the definitions of these words, and develop an understanding about the inclusion of words from foreign languages into spoken and written English.
In this months of the year in French activity, students answer 12 multiple choice questions about  French vocabulary for the months of the year.
French language scholars examine French language websites to read about the weather for Francophone capital cities. They make weather predictions and compare them with actual weather reports. They design graphs of the mean temperature data and complete problem solving activities with Celsius/Fahrenheit temperature conversions. Finally, they present their finding to the class in a presentation.
Students engage in a instructional activity that is focused on the camouflage techniques used by animals. They create a PowerPoint presentation that illustrates the use of colors and how it relates to the physical environment. Students make cognitive connections between art and nature while creating a class project.
In this French vocabulary worksheet, students match the French word(s) in the first column with the English translation found in the second column. There are 30 French terms and English translations to match.
In this French worksheet, students identify and locate French vocabulary terms related to the months, days, and seasons of the year. There are 32 words located in the word search.
In this French vocabulary worksheet, 7th graders match 15 French vocabulary terms and phrases with the correct English translation.
Eleventh graders create music scores for music performances. They complete projects individually or in groups with emphasis on real-world applications. Students demonstrate and explain ethical uses of technology and suggest ways it should be used.
Fifth graders are exposed to French vocabulary by identifying objects in the classroom. In this 5-day Foreign Language lesson plan, 5th graders practice vocabulary orally during the week using flashcards and have a quiz at the end of the week.
Students celebrate Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy. In this Fancy Nancy lesson, students are invited to a party complete with invitations and decorations, then complete worksheets by finding missing objects, showing how to take care of a dog, and drawing an imaginary pet. Activities also include a maze, dot-to-dot, and bracelet craft.
Students investigate the concept of Haitian Creole. They first fill out a worksheet asking for prior knowledge. Then students compare and contrast the languages of English, French, and Haitian Creole. They define Creole and discuss its use in modern society.
Students investigate the problems that can occur in the life of being a member of a social group tha could include a family. The metaphor of a destructive tree is used to relate the concept of destructive relationships.

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