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Students examine the history behind the frisbee and how Bernoulli's principle and Newton's law plays a role.  In this flight lesson students complete an experiment on how the rim of a frisbee effects flight. 
Throw a Frisbee. It's not as easy as one might think. Learn how to grip it properly and give it a flick of the wrist. Try to make it fly straight without wobbling, or flying in a curved direction. And then, learn how to catch a Frisbee in the sandwich style. Sounds like fun!
Students participate in throwing a disc for accuracy. In this frisbee throwing instructional activity, students are divided into small groups and complete throwing tasks using discs or frisbees. A student is assigned a "challenger" role and completes a task, then everyone else in the group must complete the task.
This ultimate frisbee lesson just describes the rules of playing the game. There are no directions on how to throw a frisbee, or any strategy suggestions. Just the rules: plain and simple!
Young scholars play Ultimate Frisbee. In teams, students pass the Frisbee to their team members. Team members attempt to get the Frisbee to the end zone, while the opposite team attempts to intercept the Frisbee. The team who gets the Frisbee to the end zone the most is the winner.
Third graders participate in a syllable frisbee game to practice their syllables in words. In this syllable frisbee game lesson, 3rd graders listen to the teacher call out a word. Students throw their frisbee into a drawn circle depending on the number of syllables in the word that was called. Students whose frisbees land in the correct circle  will gain points.
Students work cooperatively as a team and accurately throw a Frisbee. In addition, students explore fitness components and different systems of the human body.
Middle schoolers already knowing how to throw a frisbee try to make a number of offense catches before the defense makes another number of catches. Teacher should be making suggestions to help students during game.
Have a fun Frisbee day! Lesson 1 (of 8) focuses on throwing the Frisbee backhand. Diagrams show learners how to hold and how to release the Frisbee. It includes a block plan, instant activities for warm-ups, assessment references, and more. Check it out and adapt it to fit the level of your classes.
Students work on their physical fitness level in preparation for the physical fitness test. They practice throwing and catching a frisbee.
Students practice the skill of throwing a Frisbee while playing the game of disc golf.
Students explain how a Frisbee flies, why it's shaped he way it is and how fast and how far the Frisbee can go.
Second graders explore how to throw and catch a frisbee. They discuss the proper way to throw and catch the frisbee. Students observe how to correctly hold the frisbee and practice holding and throwing. They throw the frisbee at targets set up around the room.
Students list and define the 3 basic body types, then execute the basic fundamentals in an interval training warm-up. They measure their own body fat %, then execute basic techniques involved in a game of Ultimate Frisbee.
Students keep track of the number of tosses it takes them to reach each base, and encourage team members and recognize their successes. To make this activity fit the level of older classes, measure distances and figure averages as you play!
Learners follow directions and practice the skill of throwing a Frisbee toward a target. They then play a Frisbee game and practice working as a team while keeping score on their own.
There are eight lessons in the Frisbee golf unit. Lesson 2 focuses on throwing the Frisbee in a sidearm fashion. There are diagrams that show how to hold the Frisbee and how to release the Frisbee. There are links to each lesson and to all the other components of the unit. It includes a block plan, instant activities for warm-ups, assessment references, and more. Check it out and adapt it to fit the level of your classes.
What a great way to practice the art of throwing a Frisbee! This Frisbee Horseshoes lesson could be used as a warm-up or it could be made into an entire lesson.  If the cones were placed different distances apart, the class could rotate stations and practice throwing different distances. Another bonus is that they usually practice harder when having to keep score and compete against another team.
Explore the concept of tossing a Frisbee with youngsters. They will throw a Frisbee 6 times and record the distances thrown. Then they make a bar graph of the data and highlight the average, boys' average, girls' average, and class average.
Frisbee golf - lesson 4 - is about scoring in the game. At the bottom of the page there are additional links, including a link to the unit plan! It's worth checking out and looking at the whole unit.

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