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What will your Spanish class learn today? Maybe they will learn all about the future tense! Take a look at this resource for information on ways to talk about the future without actually using the future tense, regular and irregular future tense verbs, and how to use the future tense. A presentation, two reference-style pages, and a practice exercise are all accessible from the webpage.
In this past, present and future tense verbs worksheet, learners decide if the underlined verb in 6 sentences are past, present or future tense verbs, write a present tense verb in 4 sentence and a past tense verb in 4 sentences. Students write a future tense verb in 4 sentences and answer two short answer questions.
For this simple future tense worksheet, 4th graders read and copy 40 sentences which show the correct usage of the simple future tense.
In this verb worksheet, student read a selection about the past, present and future verb tenses. Students change the verb tense in 8 sentences to make them future tenses and write a paragraph using at least 5 sentences about their plans for the future.
In this simple future tense activity, students read the rules for forming this tense. They write the correct form of the simple future tense using "will" in 7 sentences. They do the same using "going" in the next 7 sentences. They write 2 original sentences in the simple future tense.
Introduce your intermediate French speakers to the future tense with this plan. The plan is broken up into teacher tasks and student tasks, making it clear and easy to understand. There are also three worksheets included, but only one focuses on the future tense. It appears some of the information comes from the Holt French 3 book. 
Students demonstrate the ability to express the Spanish future tense using . They read an advertisement for a studenT contest to promote a certain product, then write and present a contest of their own.
In this future tense instructional activity, students read about "will" and "going to" sentences and examples of their usage. Students create two "will" and "going to" sentences, and identify the correct future tense phrases in twelve sentences.
In this future tense learning exercise, students complete sentences in different variations of the future tense by filling in the blanks. Students complete 42 sentences.
Students explore the function of verbs when considering tense. They read a story that is written in past tense and discuss how to change it to future tense. Students transform a news story from past to future tense.
The next tense your class must master: the future tense! Use this simple worksheet as an exit ticket out of class. After introducing the future tense and how it's conjugated, provide your class with this activity to assess their development. They use the model sentences to conjugate new sentences in the future tense. 
Ding! The bell just rang. Give your intermediate Spanish language learners this bell-ringer activity to get them started. This short paragraph focuses on conjugating both regular and irregular verbs in the future tense. 
Here’s a practice set for the simple future tense and the present tense with an adverb form. No answer key is provided, but a brief explanation of these tense forms does precede each exercise set. This resource could be used as a pretest or as a take-home for extra practice.
In this future tense verbs worksheet, students underline the verbs and the helping verbs in 9 sentences. Students check over their answers when done with the worksheet.
In this ESL future tense worksheet, students change verbs shown in brackets in sentences to both the "going to future" and present continuous form, and put verbs in simple future tense.
In this future tense worksheet, students underline future tense verbs in sentences, write them to complete sentences, and make up 2 sentences about something that will happen in the future.
In this future verb tense practice worksheet, learners practice their grammar skills as they rewrite 7 present tense sentences in the future tense.
In these English Language grammar worksheets, students complete several speaking and writing activities that help them identify and use verbs in the future tense and negative form.
In this future tense verbs practice activity, students identify future tense verbs and helping verbs in 12 sentences. Students also write an original sentence following the instructions.
In this English Language grammar learning exercise, students complete the several speaking and writing exercises that help them learn how to form and use questions in the future tense.

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