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Students examine the Korean nuclear escalation. In this current events instructional activity, students explore the nuclear arms race in Korea and the science that explains nuclear weapons.
Young scholars develop and use problem solving strategies to mathematically solve a word problem involving marbles. They solve the first part of the problem together as a class, and in small groups solve and write a solution for the problem using marbles as manipulatives.
Students view a video on the Yalta Conference, research the negotiation process, discuss the techniques used by World leaders, and play a "Go Fish" card game using the knowledge gained in this fourth lesson in a unit on the Yalta Conference.
Pupils examine the statistics of March Madness, the college basketball tournament. They watch videotaped basketball games to collect data for further analysis using Word and Excel. They analyze the data in a variety of activities during this series of lessons.
Students problem solve logic problems. They complete a worksheet using dice as a manipulative. They decide on a problem solving strategy, solve the problem, and write up the solution.
Students divide cookies using fair division.  In this dividing cookies using fair division lesson, students use the last diminsher and divider chooser method to divide a cookie fairly.  Students divide an oddly shaped cookie on a smartboard using the last diminsher method.

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