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Combine the study of poetry and non-fiction texts with this complete and ready-to-use six-week unit. After reading numerous poems from local writers and compiling a personal anthology, high schoolers find and read a memoir or biography of a chosen poet. As a culminating activity, they each present their poet's life and works as they attempt to answer the guiding question, “How can a poet’s life affect her or his art?”
Students examine the Industrial Revolution and write an essay about the problems it brought to cities. They also examine the environmental impact of the Industrial Revolution. They take a quiz to test for comprehension.
Are you teaching a unit on the Wild West and need a good book suggestion that ties in? You've just found an extensive book list that includes titles for both juvenile and advanced readers. Each title is about some aspect of the Wild West and has won a Spur Award. Giddy up!
Twelfth graders research the history to Haiku Poetry. They read classical haiku to comprehend their special sensibility and form. Students encounter the Buddhist philosophical background of this poetry and its roots. They write original haiku poetry using themes crossed over from this study.
Here's a packet to help your class review sentence construction and parts of a sentence. The five-page packet is divided into nine exercises focusing on finding the subject, predicate, prepositions, prepositional phrases, and infinitives. Answers are not included, but you could correct the pages yourself and use the document camera to help your class correct them. Some brief explanations are offered, but this resource would best be used after topics have already been introduced. 
Sixth graders read biographies of juvenile authors. They research the author through a database. They create a visual aid about the author and share it with the class.
Students are introduced to the views on sexuality in the United States. In groups, they research data from five countries and compare them with the United States. Using the information, they develop reasons why the teenage pregnancy rate is higher in the US than other countries. To end the lesson, they compare and contrast the negative and positive images they view about sexuality on a daily basis.
In this literature and writing worksheet, pupils read and compare 2 books with a common theme. Students examine a chart of 4 themes with a list of several recommendations of book titles with these themes. Pupils review the books and how the themes are similar.

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