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Sixth graders practice to develop geography skill by identifying locations using a map and apply writing process strategies to develop a travel brochure for France, Quebec or the Ivory Coast.
Second and third graders practice with basic map skills. They create their own map including a legend and a compass rose. This fabulous plan has many excellent websites linked which allow learners to explore maps of all kinds; including aerial photos of their own locations. A wonderful educational resource!
Upper elementary and middle school learners engage in this awesome lesson plan on the Civil War. In it, they watch streamed video, perform Internet research, engage in hands-on activities, and use their geography skills to locate important events during this time period. Additionally, they take a close look at the harships of slavery.
Students identify the location of the 50 states using an interactive map. They practice geography skills by playing a fun game. Pupils become familiar with the state abbreviations for the US states. Students become familiar with the state capitals for the 50 states. They become familiar with major cities in the US
Third graders practice their geography skills. In this geography terms instructional activity, 3rd graders complete the Map Explorers Library Quest and practice using geography terms appropriately.
Students explore geography as seen from space. In this web-based lesson, students brush up on geography skills by identifying geographic locations based on satellite or aerial images and a brief clue.
Students examine the following terms to increase their geography skills: globe, equator, prime median, Western Hemisphere, Eastern Hemisphere, Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and The United States.
Young scholars discover the concepts of latitude and longitude. They practice using the coordinates to locate places on a map. They also examine the role of the sun and moon in dealing with latitude and longitude.
Students study specific terms and concepts about the discovery of America. They improve their history knowledge about some Latin American regions and their map and geography skills of the New World. They describe what is meant by Cultural Pluralism.
Students explore economic rights of people. After listening to statements and songs by people such as John Lennon and Mahatma Ghandi, students examine the truths and values depicted by each person. Students participate in a simulation to identify wealth distribution in the world. They discuss the gaps and inequalities in economic status. In groups, students prepare a dramatization about economic rights.
Fourth graders use critical thinking, evaluation, and geography skills to find alternative locations that Brigham Young could have taken the Mormons to settle.
Students investigate the causes and aftermath of war. In this research skills lesson plan, students research selected wars that United States was involved in to find information regarding what led to the conflict, the conflict itself and the aftermath of the conflict. Students discuss their findings and respond to 13 questions pertaining to causes of war.
Students explore how to draw a world map by hand and how to locate countries.
Middle schoolers are introduced to geography skills. They answer questions on a worksheet using the internet and maps. They examine the area of Japan as well.
Fourth graders use critical thinking, evaluation, and geography skills to find alternative locations that Brigham Young could have taken the Mormons to settle. They present their findings to Brigham Young and the class with a short oral presentation arguing for the preference of their location.
A fabulous presentation/activity based on geography. The author has designed a "baseball game" where batters advance to the next base if they correctly answer a multiple choice question about geography. Geographic terms are used, along with a wide variety of other geographic skills. Very nice!
Primaries are introduced to geography and how it is useful. They view photos of different places in the US, comparing them to their own region, explore maps and landscapes, and more. As a culminating activity, have small groups plan a skit, or design a booklet or other presentation about the town that they live in. The lesson is well-written and provides links to other lessons in geography.
In this geography skills worksheet, students use the provided map and chart data to respond to 17 fill in the blank questions about time zones, the military grid, and latitude and longitude.
In this geography skills practice worksheet, students respond to 3 matching and 6 short answer questions about the provided map of ancient Egypt.
Young scholars practice their geography skills. In this geography skills lesson plan, students locate, plot, and label places on maps and globes.

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