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Students are able to explain why water is an indispensable resource in a written essay and class discussion. They identify at least three examples of where water has been a source of conflict between societies from a reading and display in a chart form.
Students explore some insect parasites (e.g., mosquitoes and lice) as well as about insects in general. They see pictures of insects that bite and sting, and others of insects that don't bother people.
Second and third graders practice with basic map skills. They create their own map including a legend and a compass rose. This fabulous plan has many excellent websites linked which allow learners to explore maps of all kinds; including aerial photos of their own locations. A wonderful educational resource!
Upper elementary and middle school learners engage in this awesome lesson plan on the Civil War. In it, they watch streamed video, perform Internet research, engage in hands-on activities, and use their geography skills to locate important events during this time period. Additionally, they take a close look at the harships of slavery.
Students locate famous landmarks around the world. They identify the location of natural and manmade landmarks using a worksheet that provides ten clues.
High schoolers develop their geography skills as they analyze map projections. In this ethnocentrism instructional activity, students participate in a classroom activity that requires them to draw maps and then analyze the projections they created for distortion and bias.
Students study the continents of the world. In this Internet geography lesson, students connect to online mapping games. Students collaborate in order to develop their understanding of world geography, including countries and capital cities.
Learners explore physical geography in China. In this world geography lesson, students examine the geography of China and how it fits into the end of the dynastic system and the rise of communism in China.
Students explore global geography by participating in an atlas activity. In this countries of the world lesson, students collaborate in small groups and analyze an atlas while researching continents, countries and demographics. Students complete worksheets based on world geography.
Students explore traditional Chinese foods. In this world geography lesson, students explore the geographical, historical, and philosophical relationships of cuisine in China to prepare and present a food dish.
Students participate in several environmentally friendly activities to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. In this holiday lesson, students read green-themed books such as Green Eggs and Ham and discuss the concept of "going green." Students demonstrate this concept by melting down unused crayons into a multi-colored crayon.
Sixth graders experience and practice real-world geography, science and math as they imagine planning out the ultimate road trip. They set goals and maintain a daily budget as they are given a set of rules as they plan their road trip with a partner.
Students discuss their favorite rock groups and bands. They create rock groups that will be touring New York State. Students research cities in New York, determine dates of concerts, create touring itineraries, and develop Inspiration webs of different cities.
Students create maps of their own state using information from the National Geographic "MapMachine" website. They draw and label features on a blank map of their state, discuss the geographic features of their state, and create a state map from memory.
Students explore the national parks of the American West. In this geography skills lesson, students watch "U.S. Geography: The West," and examine print and Internet sources about the national parks found there. Students feature their findings in travel brochures that they create.
Students identify the location of the 50 states using an interactive map. They practice geography skills by playing a fun game. Pupils become familiar with the state abbreviations for the US states. Students become familiar with the state capitals for the 50 states. They become familiar with major cities in the US
Students study the United States geography using Google Earth. In this U.S. geography lesson, students create travel journals about five U.S. geographical locations. Students research the human and physical characteristics for each region.
Learners engage in a lesson that supports the fact that Asian people are part of the educational culture in schools. The lesson includes background information for the teacher. With the completion of the unit students develop a personal identity and its relationship to the culture of Asia.
For this geography skills worksheet, students follow the provided instructions to label and code maps of the Middle East according to country, city, and water feature.
Students investigate World War II through the computer game Axis and Allies. They discuss the basics of World War II before playing the game, spend eight weeks playing the game that is a simulation of World War II, and write a report and conduct an interview with someone who lived through WWII.