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Students note instances in the journals of Lewis and Clark where they relied on non-verbal communication (sign language.) They discover some basic sign language and play a game in which they must use their new sign language skills to communicate.
Students examine deaf culture and the role that American Sign Language plays in forging a sense of community.
Students discuss sign language and learn how to spell some words.  In this investigative lesson students work with a partner to write and perform sign language on a given topic. 
Students discuss American Sign Language. They work in pairs to review the fingerspelling alphabet and to spell a few common words. In addition. they work with a partner to practice signs for 10 different words related to a selected topic and perform a piece that uses those 10 signs.
Students use Lewis and Clark's journals to identify the forms of non-verbal communication they used. They discover the problems they faced on their journey and how they overcame them. They practice using the non-verbal language of the natives.
Students examine the journals from Lewis and Clark and identify how they spoke without using words. They participate in a game in which they use non-verbal communication with each other. They write their own journal entries to complete the lesson.
There are many ways to say, no. Secondary special needs students need to know when and how to say no when they feel they are in an uncomfortable situation. They sign, say, and role-play how to say no. Worksheets and role-playing cards are included. A great lesson for building practical communication skills.
High schoolers study the art of Bharata Natyam Indian dance. In this Indian dance lesson, students read text about Indian dance Bharata Natyam dance. High schoolers may create their own dance and a television story about the topic.
Learners listen to a lecture on dolphin communication methods. They consider ways in which humans communicate and participate in an activity to assess the role of smell in human communication.

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