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Grammar lessons can be exciting and informative.
Assess and diagnose grammar knowledge with this online resource. Learners complete 25 question online interactive quizzes at either a beginning or intermediate level. There are 30 grammar tests available; each has 25 questions. This website could be used as a test, an activity, a pre-assessment, or a sponge activity.
Explore the different symbols of grammar. Middle schoolers write two sentences using different symbols, including asterisks, apostrophes, and ellipses. They also read and answer guided questions.
Use this review sheet as a test or homework assignment during your grammar unit. Focusing on parts of speech (particularly direct and indirect objects, pronouns, predicate nominatives, and predicate adjectives), the first part includes fill-in-the-blank and matching questions. The second part prompts eighth graders to label fifteen sentences, write sentences to meet certain grammatical requirements, and diagram three additional sentences.
Here are three grammar worksheets that provide practice and review. Learners read how to form irregular plural nouns by adding -es, then examine lists of irregular plural nouns including those that have the same form for the singular and plural. They find irregular nouns in sentences, replace nouns with those from a word bank, and complete a review/assessment sheet which includes multiple choice questions.
Students create games for a grammar review carnival.  In this grammar review instructional activity, students work in groups to create a grammar game on a particular grammar skill.  Students must create a game that engages the players and reinforces the skill assigned.  Students then play the games for small prizes at a grammar carnival.
Students find 5 examples of incorrect grammar in sentence structure, usage, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling in newspaper headlines, magazines, or signs. They submit their finding to the teacher for approval and correct the grammar in their findings.
In this online interactive grammar skills instructional activity, students answer 47 multiple choice questions regarding grammar skills. Students may submit their answers to be scored.
In this online interactive English skills worksheet, students answer 50 multiple choice questions regarding appropriate grammar. Students may submit their answers to be scored.
Students go on the lookout for grammatical errors. In this grammar activity, students identify grammatical errors that they find in print. Students share their findings with their classmates by posting them in the "grammar jail" in their classroom.
In this online quiz worksheet, students answer a set of multiple choice questions about common English grammar mistakes. Page includes links to answers, ads and resources.
Teaching students about grammar using popular, and well written, literature can be the best solution to a tricky topic.
Explore grammar by participating in a part of speech game. Students define conjunctions and view a Schoolhouse Rock video about them. They identify conjunctions in sample sentences and participate in a flash card grammar game in which they face off against classmates.
Scholars take pictures of people, places, and things around the school and glue pictures onto the correct noun categories. They will put together a "grammar shots" portfolio identifying pictures with the correct noun category and write sentences about the pictures.
In this grammar examination worksheet, students complete a 40 question multiple choice test. Included are questions on word usage and error correction. Note: There is the name of a professor at the top of the exam.
In this grammar activity, 3rd graders read about the use and formation of possessive nouns. They write possessive nouns in sentences, add apostrophes to nouns to form possessives, use them in a paragraph, and complete an assessment page that includes multiple choice questions.
In this grammar learning exercise, students read the definitions of and how to punctuate imperative and exclamatory sentences. They read sentences and indicate if the punctuation is correct. They add end marks, write sentences telling if they are imperative or exclamatory, and write sentences for given situations. They complete an assessment page.
In this grammar worksheet, 3rd graders read the definition of common nouns and an explanation of what persons, places, and things mean. They write the underlined nouns from sentences, find nouns in sentences, complete sentences using nouns from a word bank, and complete a review/assessment sheet which includes multiple choice questions.
In this grammar worksheet, 4th graders read the definitions of both common and proper nouns. They write proper nouns using a capital letter at the beginning, underline proper nouns in sentences, complete sentences with a proper noun, and answer multiple choice questions on an assessment page.
For this grammar worksheet, students read the definition of adjectives, and about demonstrative, predicate, and proper adjectives. They copy sentences in which they identify the adjectives and the nouns they modify. They write the type of adjectives used in a set of sentences, and replace adjectives with those from a word bank. They complete a review and assessment page.