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Get your grammar groove on with an app designed to test your understanding of syntax and vocabulary. Great for building older elementary students' ability to accurately select words, you'll find practice tests that range from basic staples like adjectives and nouns to the more nuanced realm of infinitives, gerunds, and conditionals. 
Here is a good grammar practice worksheet. Learners read two letters and then place commas in the text of the letters where they are needed. Good, solid practice for young writers!
Bring grammar to life with song and animation. Elementary kids can learn about seven grammar topics with short, catchy videos and their accompanying quizzes. Sing along once you know the words!
Nine lessons in a grammar and usage unit provide endless opportunities for drill and practice. Topics include the four types of sentences, subject and predicates, nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, adverbs and prepositions, conjunctions and interjections, as well as capitalization and punctuation. The scripted unit includes a culminating activity, handouts, worksheets, a bibliography, and an assessment.  
Aid your English langauge learners with this series of grammar activities. In this National Grammar Day worksheet, learners read a passage about the importance of the day and complete a variety of different activities involving this passage. The culminating activities are a short interview, a mini-presentation, and a brief writing activity. While this resource provides a variety of activities, several ask learners to do the exact same thing in a different way.
It this grammar practice instructional activity, students read 5 sentences and fill in the blanks in each of the sentences with the appropriate verbs that agree with the subjects.
In this grammar activity, students follow directions while working with adjectives for sizes. They fill in the blanks in 6 sentences with adjectives from a word bank.
In this grammar worksheet, students read the definition of adjectives as words that describe size, shape, color, or how many. They circle the adjective in each of 5 sentences.
In this grammar worksheet, students pick an adjective from a word bank at the top of the page. They write the word next to the picture it best describes.
In this grammar practice activity, students add quotation marks to 4 sentences as needed and then finish a sentence using quotation marks where they are needed.
For this grammar practice worksheet, students read a conversation and then respond to 5 short answer questions that require them to identify sentences as questions, statements, or commands.
In this grammar practice worksheet, students read 4 sentences and identify as complete or incomplete sentences. Students then write a complete sentence.
Here is a neat way to promote independence in your learners with dyslexia. Learners can access this resource for quick tips in writing complete, grammatically correct sentences. It's like a cheat sheet kids can use on their own. To accommodate learners with more severe disabilities, the website also includes an audio version of the suggested tips.
Students use and create Grammar Scramblers with a spreadsheet in order to practice identifying and using parts of speech in a fun way. They take turns playing with the story in their own small groups.
Students explore part of speech. In this grammar skills lesson, students participate in a Grammar Scrambler spreadsheet activity that challenges them to use parts of speech appropriately. This lesson may adapted for use in various grade levels.
Start a conversation to convey proper English grammar. In groups pupils voice their opinion, have well supported disagreements, and explain why they feel as they do. This lesson builds academic discussion skills and fosters a command of the English language.
Create digital stories to demonstrate knowledge of grammar, literature and technology. The grammar lesson incorporates sentence writing, grammar, literature, creating storyboards and producing a slide show.
In this grammar worksheet, students complete multiple choice questions where they fill in the blanks to sentences with the appropriate grammar of the word. Students complete 10 sentences total.
Students review and edit writing pieces for grammar and mechanics. They view sentences and discuss how they feel about them. They collaborate in small groups to revise and edit sentences and present them to the class.
If you are using Betty Schrampfer Azar's Fundamentals of English Grammar to teach grammar to your class, then this practice final exam might be for you! Learners answer 40 multiple choice questions about word usage and error correction. Since this resource includes an extensive list of questions, you might consider chopping it up into smaller parts for grammar review.