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Bring this lesson into your unit about creative writing and precise language. First, middle schoolers create a piece of writing with the help of their classmates. In the second part of this workshop, they edit their own piece of writing. This exercise allows them to use their knowledge of grammar and word choice in their writing.
Use proper letter format and grammar to participate in a mail relay. After completing a pre-test about their knowledge of proper letter format, middle and high schoolers write letters to pupils in other high schools, which are relayed around the country. They show proper format and details to fit the intended audience.
In this grammar assessment worksheet, students fill in the blanks in 7 sentences with either a, an, or the. Students then use a word bank of prepositions to fill blanks in 20 sentences.
In this "The Gingerbread Man" grammar activity worksheet, learners read 5 sentences and identify the simple verbs in the sentences.
Students find 5 examples of incorrect grammar in sentence structure, usage, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling in newspaper headlines, magazines, or signs. They submit their finding to the teacher for approval and correct the grammar in their findings.
Students, while in the computer lab, utilize technology to practice math, science, Spanish and grammar skills. They build on math skills and attempt to improve their grammar skills as well as make connections between English and Spanish grammar and vocabulary.
In this grammar test worksheet, students circle the correct gerund or infinitive from the choices to make the sentence grammatically correct. In the final section, students read the sentence and write "C" if the sentence is correct, or "I" if it is not. There are 33 questions on this worksheet.
Students examine conditionals that are untrue in the present tense or future tense. In this conditionals lesson, students explore the conditional phrases in the song "If I Had a Hammer." Students then apply the conditional grammar rules in a few application exercises.
Young scholars examine how to identify grammar and spelling errors in an essay using the features of Word after the teacher uses the highlight feature. They correct the errors using Word's table feature by making a table that shows the error and the correction.
Learners answer reading comprehension questions using the "story grammar" technique. They listen to a story and then answer questions using the technique: main character, setting, main events, and resolution. Students complete an individual story map with an iBook read independently.
In this grammar review instructional activity, students complete 10 sentences using the proper word from the selection, this/that/these/those. They read a sentence in order to determine which word should be used to fill the blank in the second sentence.
In this grammar assessment instructional activity, students complete a 33 question exam pertaining to gerunds and infinitives. This is a multiple choice and short answer assessment. A professor's name is printed at the top of the page.
Fifth graders review what nouns, pronouns and verbs are though grammar games. In this grammar lesson, 5th graders identify proper and common nouns, singular and plural nouns and verb agreement with nouns. Students make an original slide show that explains each of these topics.
Eleventh graders prepare a skit in which the entire dialogue must center around the grammar and mechanics of writing. They come up with a scenario on their own or you can provide them with one. Students can use props if they like. They perform their skits in front of their peers.
In this ESL writing lesson plan, students write a short article in English about a subject they choose using correct grammar and punctuation. Their articles are then posted as blogs online.
Pupils identify the many different parts of reading a written piece of text. These parts of reading include story grammar, summarization, story structure, and vocabulary. Learners also discover that when they read, it is important that they understand what it is that they are reading. Finally, they address all of the mentioned aspects of reading written text to help improve their comprehension.
Students develop their proofreading skills. In this daily language practice lesson, students improve their writing skills as they edit passages. The editing work encompasses capitalization, punctuation, and grammar.
Teaching students about grammar using popular, and well written, literature can be the best solution to a tricky topic.
In this ESL grammar worksheet, students read 8 sentences and choose between "use to" or "used to." There are no directions on this page and no examples.
In these grammar errors worksheets, students review the definition of modifiers and an example of a misplaced modifier. Students then complete three pages of activities to help them avoid misplaced modifiers.