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Young scholars use wordplay to investigate the grammatical components of a sentence. They read a New York Times article by analyzing the writer's use of nouns and verbs in the article and then constructing original sentences using those words in different contexts.
Students explore grammar by completing numerous exercises in class. In this parts of speech lesson, students discuss the differences between comparatives, superlatives, possessive pronouns, adverbs and other types of words. Students complete worksheets and exercises based upon the different parts of speech they reviewed in class.
To do something to someone or something or not to do something to someone. That is the question. And it is the source of the confusion between lie and lay. The strength of this worksheet is in the clear, cogent explanation for the difference between the intransitive verb lie and the intransitive verb lay. The explanations are precise, the examples fully illustrate the proper forms, and a table conjugates both verbs. The worksheet concludes with a practice set of sentences.
Strengthen your pupils' writing with this worksheet, which provides a reference guide to using strong verbs instead of forms of is and have. Learners then rewrite twelve sentences to make them stronger. This is a great activity to work on word choice or in the middle of a writing unit.
Students read an article from the New York Times and discuss the content. In this vocabulary lesson, students collaborate in small groups to select interesting nouns and verbs to define and share with the class, after reviewing the parts of speech. Students write original sentences using the words they collected from the article, ensuring that nouns and verbs are use appropriately.
A complete resource from BBC World Service provides informational text for English or ESL classes to teach vocabulary, grammar, and reading skills. Learners participate in small group work, whole class discussions, and role-plays to explore the universal topics presented in a current news article. Although the plan is thorough and easy to follow, the link to the referenced article is broken. 
Students review the rules of grammar. They create their own grid and fill it in with given grammatical principles. Students use their grid for a bingo card and play grammar bingo. Students read their notes and verify them for accuracy and understanding.
Review grammar rules for simple and compound sentences. Learners diagram sentences and identify conjunctions, interjections, and prepositional phrases. As a class, they study their notes and complete pages in their grammar book to prepare for a grammar test.
In this online interactive grammar skills worksheet, students answer 50 multiple choice questions regarding general vocabulary and grammar skills. Students may submit their answers to be scored.
Fourth graders engage in a lesson that is concerned with the use of the internet in order to find grammar resources. They practice playing games and some of the information resources to perform grammar drills. The lesson is intended to hold student interest.
In this grammar worksheet, students will read 5 of the 15 most common grammatical mistakes in oral and written language. There are 2 examples of each mistake and 2 examples of how to correct the mistake.
In this grammar worksheet, 3rd graders circle the correct homophone to complete each of 7 sentences. They read the definition of a homophone at the top of the page.
In this online interactive grammar crossword puzzle worksheet, students use the 19 clues to determine the words that fill in the blanks to appropriately complete the word puzzle that pertains to grammar. Students may submit their answers to be scored.
In this online interactive grammar crossword puzzle worksheet, students use the 43 clues to determine the words that fill in the blanks to appropriately complete the word puzzle that pertains to grammar. Students may submit their answers to be scored.
Do your young grammarians confuse their it’s and its?  Their they’re, there, and their? You’re lucky because help is here! After a brief but succinct explanation of the proper use of apostrophes and homophones, learners show what they've learned by redrafting nine sentences.
Students participate in a variety of grammar lessons. Lessons can be given as online activities or a printed worksheets. Topics include verbs, nouns, adjectives, homophones, similes, adverbs, and alliteration. Once unit is completed, students are given a crossword and a practice assignment to review all topics.
In this grammar worksheet, students will read examples of the 5 most common grammar mistakes made in written and oral language. Then students will read the corrected versions of the sentences.
In this common grammar errors worksheet, students use their grammar skills to identify the mistakes in 20 sentences. Some sentences do not have mistakes.
In this grammar quiz worksheet, students complete a set of 8 varied questions about grammar concepts. Students may click on an answer button beneath each sentence to check their work.
In this crossword puzzle learning exercise, students find the words associated with grammar in the crossword puzzle. Students find 11 words.