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In this online quiz worksheet, high schoolers answer a set of questions about graphic design. Page has links to answers, ads and resources.
In this online computer graphic design quiz worksheet, students answer a set of twelve multiple choice questions. Page has multiple links to resources, answers, Facebook and additional quizzes.
Young scholars design a new logo for their school. In this graphic design lesson, students learn the fundamentals of logo design and how to incorporate the needs of the client in design development. Young scholars design a new school logo that incorporates the school name and mascot. After this logo is created, students are challenged to rework the logo to include a special theme.
Students design book covers. In this graphic design lesson, students are introduced to designing book covers. Students develop skills on how to promote their designs to clients. Students then create their own book covers.
Students examine the grid in terms of a method of organization in our society as well as graphic design. In this "Making and Breaking the Grid" lesson, students design solutions to common problems and draw conclusions about patterns and organization in society.
Incorporate 21st century graphic design skills into an advanced line and design activity worksheet. 4-H'ers will have a blast using a computer graphics program to re-create an image, unscrambling design terms and matching them with definitions, and making over a bedroom by rearranging furniture and choosing color/fabric samples. This extensive set of design activities also includes service ideas, online resources, and leadership ideas for passing along acquired skills.
Students investigate recycling by creating receptacles that can hold trash or recyclable items.  In this graphic design activity, students encourage their classmates to help save the environment by using a recycling receptacle they have created.  Students utilize their artistic talents to create a visually interesting look for the receptacles.
Students design various commercial products for the Cincinnati Art Museum using on-line sources, past designs, and creative educational software. This lesson has excellent project ideas for various student levels including: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and high school.
Students explore character, plot, setting, symbolism, and conflict for a book that they are reading. Sample book covers are provided and students apply what they have learned by designing a book cover.
Students become familiar with the fundamentals of graphic design to develop a logo. In this logo design lesson, students generate their own two logos using their own name and a personal hobby as inspiration. Students select their preferred font, color, and image to include in their design; students then compare and contrast the two logos and their features.
All students are interested in graphic design. This activity taps into this interest to have students learn about graphic elements.
Students experiment with color. In this career lesson plan, students explore how color is applied and experienced in images and designs as they undertake the part of a graphic designer's or painter's role.
Class members take on the role of graphic designer and craft a cover for a book they are reading. Individuals formulate a proposal outlining the images they will use to not only grab the interest of readers, but hint at the mood and content of the story also. Once the proposal has been shared and approved, class members capture images, or create their own artwork, and produce their cover. Consider extending the activity and having pupils write a brief summary of the book to include on the jacket flaps.
Fifth graders combine Fine Arts, Mathematics and Technology together to create and design a CD-ROM cover sleeve. They incorporate paint, web tools and/or graphic designs to assist them with their creations.
Students create ads based on provided topic. In this digital art lesson plan, students role play as graphic designers working on a project for a client. They research about certain health issues and prepare a public poster about it.
Students identify the art and culture of China while increasing their dexterity in art and their skills of papermaking. Students identify and analyze the application of the elements and principles of design to the cute of paper-making and apply those skills in the form of graphic design.
Young scholars design a protective cover for outdoor plants. In this agricultural lesson, students use chicken wire, plastic sheeting, and empty bottles to construct a cover for lettuce leaves. Young scholars take digital photos of their project.
Seventh graders complete a challenge to create a catapult that projects a marble or other projectile at least one meter. While experimenting they apply the Four Question Strategy to answer the question, " How can I make one modification or change to the structure of the given catapult design to improve the launch distance?" They complete the associate lab paperwork and supporting materials.
What kind of careers are there in the art field? Create an arts occupation book with your class while investigating several art careers. Students include samples in their book of the types of art each career produces.    
After looking into the life, art, and social contributions of artist Emory Douglas, learners analyze several social art pieces. They use Emory Douglas as an example of social art, then consider 10 other pieces. They write a paper responding to three of the words as they relate to Emory Douglas.  Note: Links to specific works are not included.