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Use this series of activities to introduce learners to graphing functions. They graph both linear and quadratic equations by hand and with a Graph Sketcher Tool. Several imbedded links and handouts are included in the lesson.
For this graphing functions worksheet, students examine 3 graphs of functions. Students then answer 5 problems where they match the graph to an equation, create a graph based on a set of ordered pairs or answer questions based on the graphs provided.
In this graphing functions worksheet, learners solve 10 problems where they create a table of values then make a graph for a given function.
In this graphing functions worksheet, students make a table of values, graph the functions, and tell whether the ordered pair lines are on the lines. Students solve eight problems.
In this graphing functions worksheet, students solve 6 word problems, finding ordered pairs, missing coordinates and numbers, slopes of lines and functions.
In this graphing functions worksheet, 10th graders solve 10 different problems that illustrate various graphs of functions. They determine the type of function that each graph shows. Then, students write the equation for the line graphed on each graph illustrated on the sheet.
For this graph functions worksheet, students review the example box for the graph of function y=3x. Students review how to plot and connect the points, extend the line segments, and find the point. Students then use the table and plotted line to answer the three questions.
In this graph functions activity, students use their knowledge of graph functions to problem solve and complete the five questions.
In this graph functions worksheet, students complete several activities to help them graph functions. Students use the table and the graph to complete the questions. Students also answer two test prep questions.
In this graph functions activity, students review the box with the graph and its various functions. Students then use the gird and the table to answer the questions.
High schoolers graph functions that are given, and then they write the equations for the completed graphs. There are several problems included, and they are designed to be used without calculators.
Working independently or in teams, your class practices connecting graphs, formulas and words. This lesson includes a guided discussion about distance vs. time graphs and looking at how velocity changes over time.  
In this ELL, graphing functions learning exercise, students solve 1 word problem where they write an equation, create a table of values, plot the points and a graph and draw a graph of the function. Step-by-step instructions and scaffolding are provided.
Practice graphing basic equations. Algebra learners complete a table showing values of x and y. They graph the results on a coordinate grid. There are six problems: three equations are linear, and three are quadratic. The "show your work" boxes ensures that everyone is working to understand the principles behind the math. 
In this algebra worksheet, student review the steps for drawing a graph to represent the function y=x+4. They complete a table of function for each of 3 given functions and use graph paper to graph each function.
Fifth graders can do a quick review of graphing functions using integers with this worksheet. The worksheet has questions which require students to identify the pertinent information in a word problem, and create a graph to represent the equation. This is a basic exercise connected to algebra.
In this ELL vocabulary acquisition worksheet, students look at the words and the pictures that show their meanings for the sea animals. Students then draw lines to connect the words with the descriptions that tell about them.
In this graphing functions worksheet, students solve and complete 13 different problems that include identifying and graphing various functions. First, they graph each of the functions shown on the graphs provided. Then, students solve each equation for a variable and graph. In addition, they determine whether each equation is a linear equation and rewrite it in standard form.
In this graphing functions worksheet, students solve and complete 25 various types of problems. First, they evaluate each of the limits presented. Then, students graph each given function, graphing both the equation and then the horizontal or oblique asymptote.
Students graph linear, quadratic, absolute value, and square root functions using transformations. In this graphing functions lesson plan, students are provided a worksheet.