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In this graphing trigonometric functions worksheet, students graph one function: y=-3cos(2x-pi/4). There is ample space on the page for the student to work out this one problem.
In this trigonometry instructional activity, students solve trigonometric equations, prove trigonometric identities, and graph trigonometric functions. The four page instructional activity contains sixteen questions. Answers are not included.
In this Algebra II/Trigonometry worksheet, students solve problems involving angle of depression or elevation, evaluate trigonometric expressions, solve trigonometric equations, and graph trigonometric functions. The one page worksheet contains nine problems. Answers are not provided.
Students graph trigonometric functions. In this precalculus lesson, students identify the properties of secant ,cosecant and cotangent. They use the unit circle as their formula to graph and analyze these functions.
In this trigonometry learning exercise, learners graph one trigonometric function. The function is y=2cos(2x). A coordinate grid is included on the learning exercise.
In this graphing trigonometric functions worksheet, students graph 1 sine equation.  Students plot the graph of the function y=-0.5sin(-3x).
Bring functions to life! Not only does this app graph a number of different types of equations, it also allows the user to easily change the graph by moving different slides and seeing the result.  
Students explore the concept of trig identities. In this trig identity lesson, students use Mathematica to graph trig identities. Students see the trig identities graphically and enforce the notion that two trig functions can be equivalent.
Students investigate the graphs of six trigonometric functions. They discover how changes in the equation of the basic function affect the graph of the function.
In this college level trigonometry worksheet, students graph the given trigonometric equations, identifying the intercepts and the asymptotes.  Students prove that a given equation is an identity.  The two page worksheet contains three problems.  Answers are not included. 
In this graphing  worksheet, students graph one sine equation.  A blank grid is provided.
What is wrong with Pi? In this video, Sal considers the question whether the number Tau (_), is a better number to use in our trigonometric model then the traditional PI (_). First, Sal reviews the definition of Pi, the trigonometric ratios in the unit circle and Euleris formula in terms of Pi. Then he looks at each of those in terms of Tau, leaving the final verdict of Tau vs. Pi to the listener to decide.
In this calculus worksheet, students solve values involving trigs and the unit circle. They identify graphs of sine, cosine and tangents. They solve for angles using the unit circle and the calculator.
In this trigonometric functions worksheet, high schoolers solve 8 multiple choice and graphing problems.  Students graph trigonometric functions given an equation and match graphs to a given scenario.
Students identify the amplitude and period of each graph. In this trigonometry lesson, students graph sine and cosine functions and identify the phase shift. They identify the six trig identities.
Students solve trigonometric functions using the identity property. In this trigonometry lesson, students find the inverse of trig functions. They calculate horizontal shifts, the period, the midline and the amplitude.
Students identify trigonometric functions. In this trigonometry lesson, students add and subtract trigonometric functions. They add sine and cosine waves and relate it to the real world.
Students find six different trigonometric identities. In this trigonometry lesson, students solve for missing angles using the trigonometric ratios of a right triangle. They use the sum identity to solve for non-right triangles.
For this graphing trigonometric functions worksheet, 11th graders solve and complete 10 various types of problems. First, they graph each functions as shown. Then, students find the domain in each given function. In addition, they find the equation of the altitude and perpendicular bisector using the given triangle.
Students explore properties of triangles using angle bisectors, incenters, circles, midpoints, and altitudes. They use Geometer's Sketchpad in order to create triangles and their properties.

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