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Pirate Knockdown is a basic game consisting of rolling a ball at a target. The game situation makes it fun to practice gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and teamwork. This game is easy to set up, easy to monitor, and easy to clean up. Just what a teacher likes!
Students are introduced to the letter "S" and explore the concept of sports. In this letter "S" is for sports lesson, students develop their fine motor skills by rolling play dough into balls and their gross motor skills by playing T-Ball. The lesson concludes with a sports ball collage project.
Students explore ways to move creatively and demonstrate various gross motor skills. They observe a teacher-demonstration of various movements, move in different ways and stop when the teacher says freeze, and discuss the ways they liked moving.
Celina the dance teacher knows the dance, "Doin' The Grouch." Oscar tells the Grouchketeers and the kids at home to get up and learn the dance. Dances like this help build gross motor skills, listening skills, and self-esteem.
Students listen to the story Are You a Grasshopper and participate in a variety of activities that support the grasshopper theme. In this grasshopper lesson, students review the letter "G" as it relates to grasshoppers. Students explore a sensory table with rice that has been tinted green and cut out pieces of green construction paper to fill in the body of a large paper grasshopper that becomes a bulletin board.
"Dance, Dance Revolution™" is a video game that can be brought into the classroom to use as an exercise program. The game focuses on moving the feet forwards, backwards, or sideways to the rhythm of the music. Arrows flash up on the video screen and point in the direction the feet should move. A great workout for coordination and gross motor movement. Playing this game will also develop cardiovascular endurance in a way that is just plain fun!
Students listen to the book Helpers in My Community and participate in a variety of activities relating to this theme. In this community helpers lesson, students practice their fine motor skills by playing the Operation game, and practice writing the letter 'H' on paper.
Students are introduced to the concept of gardening while making associations with the color green, the number 5, and the oval shape. In this gardening lesson, students listen to the story Planting a Rainbow, then  plant seeds into the soil. Students pretend they are a plant and hold their face up to the sun and put their hands over their head with fingers spread out to become a flower.
Students are introduced to books about farms and make connections to farm life. In this farm lesson plan, students make three corrals using small toy fence pieces then separate the animals into like animal groups. This lesson plan contains suggestions for activities encompassing pre-math, art, and language skills.
Students listen to the story The Little Engine that Could and participate in a variety of activities that support the theme of trains. In this trains lesson, students review the letter "T" for trains, create train cars with colorful play dough, and create a collaborative train made out of paper that is displayed on the classroom wall.
Students listen to the story I Like Me and explore various activities related to the theme 'me.'  In this all about me lesson, students practice printing their first name on pieces of paper, play the game "head, shoulders, knees, and toes, and construct a self portrait of themselves by gluing shapes and items on a large piece of construction paper.
Students listen to the story Beautiful Bats and participate in a variety of activities related to bats. In this bats lesson, students are introduced to the letter 'B' and explore a sensory table with water and black marbles. Students then recite a bat rhyme practice writing the letter 'B.'
Students explore the theme of grandparents and participate in a variety of activities regarding this theme. In this grandparents lesson plan, students listen to the story Hooray for Grandparents' Day and play 'old fashioned' games, such as marbles, jacks, and pick up sticks. Students then create a portrait of their grandparents on paper.  
Students listen to the book I'll Teach My Dog 100 Words and take part in various activities relating to dogs. In this dog instructional activity , students review the letter "D" for dogs, associate the letter "D" with the number 3 and with the color brown. Students practice lacing by using yarn to string it through the holes of a dog bone made from a poster board and create a dog bone print out from construction paper and brown paint. 
Students are introduced to the concept of May-day by listening to the story On the Morn of May-fest and by participating in various activities. In this May Day lesson, students review the letter "M" for the month of May, practice basket weaving with strips of ribbon and a plastic berry basket, then pretend they are flowers in a May basket by squatting down on the floor and opening their hand over their heads like flower buds.
Students investigate ocean life. In this crab lesson, students pretend to be crabs by eating with their fingers. Students walk like crabs and finger paint crabs with orange paint. Students also incorporate math into this lesson.
Students listen to the story, I Am a Little Giraffe and participate in a variety of Giraff related activities. In this giraffe lesson plan, students draw and cut out a giraffe shape from white paper and paint it, then sing a song about giraffes to the tune of 'Ten Little Indians.'
Students practice lifting parachutes up and down while bouncing a ball on top of them. In this gross motor skills lesson, students predict how many times they will be able to make their ball bounce before falling, compare what happens when using multiple balls, and work in pairs with towels to bounce their balls from one pair's towel to another.
Students participate in hands on activities to help develop their gross motor skills. In this senses lesson plan, students use their body to participate in fishing activities, walking activities, duck activities, and following the leader.
Students are introduced to the letter 'T' and use a turtle theme to reinforce the use of the letter 'T.'  In this letter 'T' lesson, students listen to the story The Turtle and the Moon, observe real life water turtles in the classroom, and take turns picking the turtles from the water.

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