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Students use gymnastics beams, benches, mats, and wedges to practice gymnastics skills. In this gymnastics lesson plan, students practice balancing, tumbling, and jumping skills.
Introduce your young learners to some basic gymnastics in a four or five-day unit. Movement and balance are at the core of gymnastic activities. Start out by taking them through how to move like animals. Then follow this up with balance poses. The third day consists of dismounting activities. Resource links are included. There's more, so check it out!
Students compete in a variety of games. In this gymnastic skills instructional activity, students play tag, participate in a challenge course, and practice gymnastics moves to increase physical fitness. 
Second graders compare and contrast gymnastics in 1859, 1900 and today. Students contrast differences in gymnastics for boys and girls today. Students pretend that they are interviewing a famous gymnast and write up their interview. Students write a poem about Gymnastics using Cinquain format. Students write some word problems using the measurements found and identify various exercises that show symmetry and asymmetry.
Learners participate in various gymnastics and tumbling activities and take a field trip to a gymnastics gym where they work with trained gymnastics coaches. This gives the student the opportunity to explore and experience gymnastic equipment they may not have at school. Students observe gym therapy techniques and experience an in-depth look at gymnastics.
Learners participate in gymnastics stunts, using different parts of their body to balance.They work cooperatively with their partners on gymnastics mats to complete balancing activities.
In this vocabulary and reading comprehension instructional activity, students read a 1 page selection about gymnastics, match 8 words to the correct pictures of gym-related terms, respond to 3 short answer questions and complete a crossword puzzle.
Students practice stretching and balancing. In this gymnastics instructional activity, students warm-up, stretch, and practice balancing their upper body. Students will participate in two stations and use the floor mat to practice new skills.
Students investigate the importance of having a healthy body by performing gymnastics.  In this physical education lesson, students utilize their flexibility and body strength to perform intense physical gymnastic maneuvers with the help of their instructor.  Students are graded upon a list of movements the teacher asks them to perform.
Students examine online or hard copy timelines of athletics, discuss what they like and dislike about time tables they have reviewed, research in small groups history of basketball, baseball, gymnastics, or track and field, and create two-part timelines, depicting both men and women involved in sport.
In this comprehension assessment worksheet, students read a passage about gymnast Mary Lou Retton, then complete 5 multiple choice comprehension questions.
Young scholars begin with a regular gymnastic warm up involving stretches and exercise before attempting the One Armed High Kick. Students are assessed by their peers and are declared successful if they can match each kick or exceed the previous kick.
Sixth graders discuss sports. They are asked to name an Olympic sport that involves team as well as individual competitions. They then are asked what they know about scoring in gymnastics events. They are told that judges score competitors starting with 10 as a perfect score and subtracting decimal amounts for small or large mistakes or for falls. They use scores from a national gymnastics festival held in July 2000 to practice subtraction. Consider having your class look up more recent Olympics scores to use in this exercise.
In this fraction worksheet, students read a word problem, then use a fraction table to find the color and length of streamers use in a gymnastics competition. 
As a dancer or an athlete, did you ever wish you could immediately see yourself in action so that you could determine where to make improvements? Here is a video delay application that allows you to preselect a length of time that will pass between the recording of a video and its playback. 
In this physical fitness worksheet, students find the words that are used to describe gymnastics and the answers are found at the bottom of the page.
What does a good closing sentence look like? First, read the article "Gymnasts Flip for Science," and then identify the conclusion sentence. What are the supporting facts mentioned in the article? After studying the article's conclusion, it's time for your writers to try! They use the graphic organizer included to create a topic and conclusion for an informative article. 
This word search includes 30 gymnastics terms that may help your class learn relevant terms.
In this word search worksheet, learners complete the word search puzzle by locating the words that relate to the sport of gymnastics. Students locate 24 words.
If you teach English learners and want a thorough assignment that addresses reading and listening comprehension, speaking skills, vocabulary acquisition, and more, a high-interest content worksheet on Britney Spears may be useful. It includes a 1-page passage about Spears, followed by 10 exercises/activities that address ELL needs. Answers to some of the exercises are included.