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Young scholars examine the importance of oral traditions while reading various fairy and folk tales. Given a piece of clay, they can mold it into any shape they want and pass it to their neighbor which keeps building the object. They use this exercise to discover how the folk and fairy tales were written with each member of the community contributing.
The importance of oral tradition is evident throughout time and across space. Introduce your learners to some interesting stories and then test their knowledge with these questions. Ten multiple-choice questions focus on characters and the countries of origin in some tall tales.
In this online interactive literature activity, students respond to eight short answer and essay questions about O.E. Rolvaag's Giants in the EarthStudents may check some of their answers online.
Uncovering the function and forms of ethnic jokes, this presentation with enlighten your students as it explores the concept of "insiders vs. outsiders" and various examples of ethnic stereotypes in literature and society. The presentation reaches a strong conclusion after examining the many purposes of ethnic jokes - and the ways in which the concept has changed.