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It can be overwhelming when you start homeschooling. These are just a few ideas to get a person started on that journey.
Advice on essential skills for college from a homeschooled, public school teacher.
When siblings homeschool together, the bonding really begins.
Maximize the strengths of the homeschooling relationship to improve the quality and focus of your child's writing.
Co-ops are a great way to bring homeschoolers to learn together in a group.
Experience learning alongside your child as you begin your homeschooling journey.
Identifying your child's learning style is key to choosing the right homeschooling curriculum.
A homeschooling family can take advantage of snow days for both fun and educational opportunities.
I have discovered that testing does have a place in homeschooling after all.
In this spelling worksheet, students learn the words in a ten word spelling list. Students complete varied activities on 7 pages that pertain to these words. This is geared to homeschooling.
Finding a sport that works for the whole family is the true meaning of winning. Maybe it's not soccer, but swimming? Maybe it's not basketball, but archery? There is a sport for everyone!
Strategies for creatively monitoring reading to gauge comprehension and stimulate analysis without taking the joy out of reading.
Use your unique flexibility to help your family explore the holiday traditions of various cultures.
Develop speaking and listening skills through analysis, imitation, and technological assistance.
Teaching middle school for the first time was a rude awakening and a pleasant surprise.
Students interpret charts and graphs. In this graphing lesson plan, students are introduced to the x and y axis and practice constructing types of graphs. Students collect data and represent the information by making a graph.
A full schedule doesn't mean a better one. Picking and choosing extra classes can be enriching and not overwhelming.
Students practice identifying and writing the letter G.  In this letter recognition lesson plan, students trace the letter G on lined paper and then try to write the letter alone. Students also discuss words that begin with G, such as goat.
Students explore the letter K. In this letter recognition activity, students identify the letter K and discuss words that begin with this letter. Students practice the letter K with color sheets, hands-on activities, songs, and books.
Students use their spelling words in a variety of ways such as repetition, spelling puzzles, and spelling sentences. In this spelling lesson plan, students do a spelling activity for each day of the week.