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For this spelling unit worksheet, students study synonyms and antonyms, multiple-meaning words, homonyms, and suffixes as they study the 72 words listed and complete a variety of activities using the words correctly.
Tackle multiple-meaning words with your youngsters using this scaffolded lesson which features a detailed script. Begin with the word shoulder, using context clues to help scholars understand the meaning. Next, they observe a second meaning in context, marking words that give them clues to its new meaning. They repeat this with a third meaning and answer comprehension questions. There are sentence strips and a graphic organizer you can project during this exercise.
In these three multiple-meaning words recognition worksheets, learners review meanings, examples, and decoding strategies, choose sentences with words that have same meanings, choose words whose meanings best fit pairs of sentences, choose a word to write its definitions and sentences, and match people with their job descriptions. Students write twenty-two answers.
Second graders work with multiple meaning words. They participate in a teacher led lesson about words with have more than one meaning. Everyone completes a skill building worksheet in which sentences using words with more than one meaning are deciphered.
Middle schoolers learn about words that have more than one meaning. They each create a PowerPoint presentation that has a word with multiple meanings at the top, then each of its definitions in the main body of the slide. They insert photos into the slides that match up with the definitions.
In this word worksheet, students match the multiple meaning words in one list with two of their meanings in a second list. They make 8 matches.
Eighth graders answer a riddle to explore multiple meanings in words. After discussing the riddle, they match the definition on their card with another student who has the word. Students use their words with different meanings in sentences. They think of other words with multiple meanings, write definitions and use sample sentences for them.
Using context clues is an important practice when deciphering words with multiple meanings. There are ten multiple choice questions in this PowerPoint to test students on reading the context of a sentence. Tip: Use this presentation prior to a test as a helpful reminder for students to read thoroughly and carefully.
In this multiple meaning word worksheet, students connect lines between three columns to match words with multiple meanings to two correct definitions.
In this multiple meaning words worksheet, learners read the underlined word in each sentence and circle the letter of the sentence with the word that has the same meaning.
Youngsters read seven jokes with multiple meaning words, with answers at the bottom of the page.
In this multiple meaning words activity, students read the underlined word in each sentence and circle the letter of the sentence that has the same meaning as the original sentence.
Second graders recognize multiple meanings in words. In this language arts lesson, 2nd graders discover how multiple meaning words can change the meaning of a sentence or story.
Second graders explore multiple meaning words. In this language arts lesson, 2nd graders read "Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping." Students discuss the different meanings of the words in the story. Students complete a worksheet.
Second graders listen to the book, Play Ball Amelia Bedelia, and find words in the story that have more than one meaning. In this language arts lesson, they write four words that have multiple meanings on the worksheet embedded in the plan. A good, solid lesson.
Students brainstorm and list several words that have multiple meanings. They write down definitions and write meaningful sentences, leaving the multiple meaning word out. They trade blank sentences and try to fill in the blanks.
In this multiple-meaning words learning exercise, learners use context clues to determine the meaning of the words. Students are given three sentences with multiple underlined words and are asked to figure out the meaning by using the text.
Learners respond to five fill in the blank questions and four multiple choice questions. Each of the questions has to do with homophones and words with multiple meanings.
In this vocabulary and word study worksheet, students explore multiple meaning words as they respond to 4 multiple choice questions.
In this multiple meaning words worksheet, students examine 4 sentences and choose the best definition of each of the identified words in the sentences.

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