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Students read and discuss a letter written by an Army officer from Delaware to the President of Delaware during the American Revolution. They examine paintings depicting the Battle of Bunker Hill and the attack upon the Chew House. Afterward, they compose a letter to the school principal requesting an item that is needed to improve the school.
Little Miss Muffet is a beloved nursery rhyme and a painting by Jessie Willcox Smith. Learners will analyze the painting, make keen observations, and discuss the elements of art they find. They'll then activate their creative thinking skills by working through 12 different art-inspired activities. Background information on the art and artists is included.
Sixth graders work on the reading strategy Jigsaw. In this literacy lesson, 6th graders read stories about life, death, and immortality and fill out graphic organizers. They answer questions about the stories they read. 
Fourth graders engage in a lesson plan constructed in order to dissect the parts of a story used by the news media in order to communicate to the public. They use the media in order to help obtain information. Students create their own newspaper.
Students investigate historical figures and how they play a role in tourism by reading and discussing the article "When Robin Hood Supped, Was it Yorkshire Pudding?" In groups, students investigate issues related in the article in greater depth and compose reports that summarize their findings about Robin Hood, American historical figures, and their use in British and American tourism.
Middle schoolers read the included summary of how Arthur became king to familiarize themselves with the story. They then complete the provided worksheet to using complete sentences to check their comprehension.
Students discover how King Arthur became king. In this King Arthur lesson, students read sections of the book The Story of King Arthur and His Knights by Howard Pyle. After reading students answer questions about the life of King Arthur and how he became king.
Fourth graders respond to six sayings that are introduced in this lesson plan. They brainstorm, justify, explain, describe, create and relate as they respond.

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