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It's a whole packet full of information on hyphens! Several pages detailing the rules for using a hyphen and giving learners an opportunity to practice are included here. Give this packet to your class to really drill them on hyphens!
This is more than a activity, this is a full college style list of all the rules related to hyphens and capitals one would need to write excellent papers. You can use this resource to inform your own writing, or to enhance your learner's knowledge of hyphens and capitalization. 
Explore hyphenation with a handout and short activity. After studying six guidelines with detailed examples and exceptions, learners complete a short exercise in which they correct 10 sentences by using hyphens.
For this using semicolons, colons, and hyphens worksheet, learners read about their usages and apply the information by adding them to sentences, using colons or semicolons to join groups of words in two separate columns, and choosing correct punctuation in sentences. Students write twenty-eight answers.
When should you use a colon, dash, or hyphen? Middle schoolers insert different types of punctuation marks into given sentences. Rules for usage are included in each example.
Young scholars become familiar with the rules that governs the use of hyphens marks in well-written sentences. They develop basic skills in the use of hyphens in well written sentences, and practice using hyphens in various writing situations.
Teaching grammar can be so difficult! Help your class master how to use hyphens correctly. The first page details different places one would use a hyphen. On the second page, learners are introduced to two practice activities. In the first, they simply identify whether the hyphen is used correctly or incorrectly in the sentence. For the second, they read a paragraph and circle any place a hyphen is needed. 
Remind your writers that not everything needs to be capitalized. Quotations should only be used for dialogue, titles of short works, and some phrases that are being emphasized. The presentation also covers some punctuation. The last two slides give sentences to practice. 
In this hyphen usage worksheet, students read about correct usage, then edit a set of 10 sentences, inserting hyphens where necessary. Answers are included.
Review the use of dashes and hyphens. This presentation comes with a series of examples to make the concept understandable. While a useful resource, it could be augmented with a greater number of examples.
In this grammar quiz worksheet, students read sentences and choose the ones that have hyphened or not hyphened words used correctly. Students answer 12 multiple choice questions.
In this hyphens worksheet, students complete a 10 question multiple choice on-line interactive exercise about the correct use of hyphens with "-ly" words.
In this hyphens worksheet, students complete a 10 question multiple choice on-line interactive quiz about the proper use of hyphens in words with prefixes. From three choices, students mark the word that is correct. There are no rules or hints provided.
Thoroughly cover the nuances of apostrophes, quotation marks, dashes, hyphens, colons, and semi-colons. Intended for higher-level English classes, the examples given pertain to tricky rules and formal language. There are no animations or engaging pictures included in this PowerPoint. 
Students explore various punctuation marks used in writing.  In this lesson, students read an article on punctuation, then complete several exercises to practice what they learned.
Examine the proper uses of punctuation with this easy PowerPoint. Simple, bold, and straightforward, each slide introduces a different symbol. Difficult or confusing instances are indicated as well.
In this punctuation marks review worksheet, students insert apostrophes, hyphens, dashes, parentheses, quotation marks, underlining, or brackets as needed in 30 sentences.
Hyphens and dashes, parentheses and brackets are often interchanged incorrectly. First, walk your budding grammarians through the information at the top of the first page. (You may need to reword some of the explanations, as they're still kind of tricky.) Then, let learners insert the missing punctuation in the 30 sentences that follow. 
Need to clarify for your young writers the use of hyphens and dashes? Slides define these terms and demonstrate how and when to use this punctuation. Practice exercises are included.
Middle and high schoolers review the jobs of colons, semicolons, dashes, hyphens, and parentheses. They rewrite six sentences inserting the correct punctuation.

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