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Students take a virtual trip on the Xpeditions Express through Europe to the cities of London, Paris, Innsbruck, Venice, Budapest, and Istanbul. They select the cities they would most like to visit.
Learners research European countries. They assess websites related to individual cities/regions in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland. They create a visual detailing what they did during a simulated two or three day visit there.
In this grammar worksheet, learners read the sentence and then rewrite it with grammatical corrections. There are 15 sentences in this worksheet to correct.
In this proofreading instructional activity, students analyze 15 short sentences that have errors in grammar. Students rewrite each sentence correctly.
In this correct the errors worksheet, students correct the errors in the sentences and then rewrite the sentences. Students complete 15 problems.
For this literary analysis worksheet, students examine Robert Browning's "My Last Duchess," as they read the poem and respond to 6 short answer questions.
Pupils increase consciousness of the history of Canadian success in figure skating and appreciate the pioneers of figure skating in Canada; to examine their accomplishments in their historical context.
Ninth graders read "Exploring Antarctic Ice" by Jane Ellen Stevens and then go on their own virtual expedition. As they "travel" they utilize pre-writing activities to organize information for the final composition: a three paragraph detailing where they expl
Meteorology majors will be enriched by this presentation on the movement of dust throughout our world atmosphere. They will examine graphs of the spatialĀ and chemical patterns of the dust suspended over North America and then extend the study to other continents. The background knowledge required for understanding this presentation makes it most appropriate for advanced environmental science learners or college courses. It is top-notch in appearance and information content!

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