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In this operations worksheet, students explore the rules for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of integers.  This eight-page worksheet contains detailed  notes, examples, and  approximately 4 problems.
Middle schoolers engage in a clever lesson that combines meteorology with mathematical thinking. They use integers in relation to high and low temperatures that they record. They use a spreadsheet of weather data, a computer, and gain valuable practice in using integers.
Seventh graders participate in a demonstration lesson of adding integers using a number line and counters. They complete practice problems one white boards with volunteers modeling the procedure. They access two websites in order to work with adding integers at a variety of levels.
Sixth and seventh graders compare and order integers. After locating integers in a newspaper, they describe examples of negative and positive integers. They draw a thermometer and locate positive and negative integers on the scale. In groups, pupils draw number lines for given sets and name opposite numbers.
Students investigate the concept of integers and how they should occur in the realm of irrational numbers. The lesson includes the use of positive and negative integers. The lesson is a good foundation in order to move into calculating operations using integers.
For this sum of integer worksheets, students formulate and prove the sums of cubes. They explore a quadratic polynomial, cubic polynomial and solve with systems of equations. This two-page worksheet contains eleven problems.
In this subtracting integers worksheet, students complete problems and fill in charts that require them to subtract integers. Students complete 8 problems.
Here is a division worksheet in which learners read about ways to divide integers and then complete problems including patterns, negative and positive numbers, variables, and more. They complete 47 problems total.
Middle schoolers use discs in order to add and subtract integers. There are manipulatives present so kinesthetic learners can access the curriculum. They also review the concept of the opposite of positive and negative numbers.
Eighth graders review adding and subtracting of integers. The class makes a number line from -10 to 10 and practice adding and subtracting by "acting out" the math problems. Students play a card game using the number cards from a regular deck. Red are negatives, black cards are positive. Students complete an integer worksheet for homework.
Seventh graders explore the concept of adding and subtracting integers. In this adding and subtracting integers lesson, 7th graders use white and red beans to demonstrate adding and subtracting integers. Students play an on-line game where they must add the given numbers together to make zero.
Students add and subtract using negative integers. For this negative integers lesson plan, students listen to examples provided by the teacher and then complete problems where they add and subtract negative integers.
Students investigate the rise and decline in stocks. In this algebra instructional activity, students multiply and divide integers as they relate it to math. They investigate the change of rate in stocks over a long period of time.
Learners explore negative and positive integers on a number line. They review a newspaper to determine careers that use positive and negative integers. In groups, they read and answer questions on "Lifestyles of the Rich and Superstitious."
In this integer worksheet, students identify the number of positive divisors in a given function, determine the number of integers that satisfy an equation, and solve equations with exponents. This two-page worksheet contains nine problems.
Middle schoolers explore how to add and subtract integers. In this integer lesson students are broken into groups and participate in an activity that helps them investigate how to add and subtract integers. 
Students examine math operations. In this integer evaluation lesson, students add, subtract and solve integer equations. Students work collaboratively to record their findings in a personal journal.
Learners add and subtract integers. In this algebra lesson, students add, subtract, multiply and divide integers. They apply the properties of numbers as they solve equations.
Sixth graders use number lines to compare and order integers and decimals. In this decimals and integers lesson, 6th graders follow their teacher's oral instructions to help them order and compare decimals and integers. Students construct a number line to solve the integer and decimal problems.
Students add and subtract integers.  In this middle school mathematics lesson, students use two-color counters to explore the rules that govern addition and subtraction of integers.