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In this integer worksheet, students identify the number of positive divisors in a given function, determine the number of integers that satisfy an equation, and solve equations with exponents. This two-page worksheet contains nine problems.
Middle schoolers examine math operations. In this integer evaluation instructional activity, students add, subtract and solve integer equations. Middle schoolers work collaboratively to record their findings in a personal journal.
Students add and subtract integers. In this algebra lesson, students add, subtract, multiply and divide integers. They apply the properties of numbers as they solve equations.
Sixth graders use number lines to compare and order integers and decimals. In this decimals and integers lesson, 6th graders follow their teacher's oral instructions to help them order and compare decimals and integers. Students construct a number line to solve the integer and decimal problems.
Students add and subtract integers.  In this middle school mathematics lesson, students use two-color counters to explore the rules that govern addition and subtraction of integers. 
Students subtract integers using counters. In this algebra lesson, students solve linear equations using an online tool. They use subtraction to isolate the variable.
Eighth graders brainstorm the differences between positive and negative numbers. They create a Venn diagram comparing numbers on an elevator to numbers used in a checkbook. Students watch a video from United Streaming to compare subtracting integers to elevators. They take notes during the film.
Students explore the concept of adding integers.  In this adding integers lesson, students simulate the battle of the 300 spartans at Thermopylae.  Students use colored game pieces to represent positive and negative numbers.  Students 'battle' by exchanging pieces with classmates; whoever has more pieces wins the battle.  Students are on teams of positives versus negatives.
Students solve subtraction problems using four operations. In this algebra lesson, students add, subtract, multiply and divide integers. The lesson focuses on negative numbers as they relate to subtracting integers.
In this integer worksheet, students solve given equations by adding and subtracting positive and negative integers. The worksheet is divided into three parts: addition of integers, subtraction of integers, and mixed equations containing addition and subtraction problems. Students solve 44 problems, 12 which contain at least three integers with multiple operations.
Seventh graders review the concept of integers and how to combine them. They use the number line in different situations for the visual needed to see how adding can be done. Then students practice with numerical expressions.
Investigate the concepts of fractions and integers in order to review for a future assessment. The teacher reviews the major concepts with the class and provides help throughout the lesson as needed. Math students work together in small groups to study.
Students graph integers on a number line. In this integers lesson, students create a colored foldable to assist them with notetaking and problem solving.  Students complete exercises from text.
Students add integers using the right order. In this algebra lesson plan, students identify numbers on a number line created with tape on the floor. They use the number line to help with addition and subtraction.
Use two different colors of bingo chips to represent positive and negative charges. Add and subtract them in a clear glass beaker to demonstrate how to add and subtract integers. This visual, along with a number line, will really help budding mathematicians to grasp the skill.
In this integer worksheet, learners use integers to show differences in temperatures by solving 7 short word problems. They find the differences in 7 more equations.
In this working with integers worksheet, students determine the change in temperature in each of 8 problems using integers. They use an integer line to find the differences in 5 problems.
In this integer worksheet, students solve use pictures of red and blue counters to solve problems and write addition sentences. Example problems are completed for students.
Eighth graders investigate the concept of combing integers using addition. They begin to comprehend the connection of addition and subtraction. Students also review the concept of positive and negative numbers.
Seventh graders explore the concept of integer addition. In this integer addition lesson, 7th graders tell stories involving addition and subtraction. Students walk on a number line given directions such as add 3 or add -2. Students play integer addition war or integer addition snap with playing cards.