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Humongous Calculus problem of the day - "Two hikers begin ..." Use the properties of indefinite integers and indefinte integrals to solve this problem.  Six practice problems are included with space to do the work, as well as a suggestion of ten homework problems from the book.
Students discuss the importance of Integrals as it relates to calculus. In this calculus lesson, students define Integrals and practice taking the integrals of polynomials. They work problems to enhance their understanding of how derivatives is incorporated into calculus.
Students explore integration by parts and use it to solve equations. In this calculus lesson, students sing a song about integration, and practice solving equations using integration by parts twice. They solve integrals and discuss when to apply integration by parts.
In this A.P. Calculus activity, students complete a sixteen question test covering trigonometric integration, area under a curve, differential equations, and slope fields.  Some of the problems are multiple choice, while others are free-response.
In this calculus worksheet, students observe the graph the function and identify the interval as increasing or decreasing. They identify the critical points and perform integration. There are 4 questions.
In this calculus worksheet, students evaluate definite integrals using numbers and radians. They take the derivative to solve their equations, using trigonometric identities. There are 4 questions.
In this calculus worksheet, students evaluate given integrals. Problems contain exponents, square roots, and complex fractions. This two-page worksheet contains 16 multi-step problems. Answers are provided on page two.
Twelfth graders review differential formulas and find their corresponding integration formula. In this calculus lesson, 12th graders review differential and integral formulas as it pertaining to solving calculus problems.  They develop the formulas in detail, one at a time.
In this calculus worksheet, students calculate the definite integral given different functions. They evaluate the functions for given values. There are 20 questions.
Students solve integrals using integration by parts. In this calculus lesson, students review problems using integration by parts, repeated integration by parts and constant integration. They take a Quiz after they solve review problems.
In this calculus worksheet, students solve functions by taking the derivative of the function. There are 3 questions with and answer key.
In this calculus learning exercise, students answer questions about integrals, trig functions and natural logs. There are 20 questions mixed with multiple choices and free responses.
Students define integrals and explore how they relate to the areas under a curve. In this calculus lesson, students solve word problems relating curves and integrals. They sing a song to help them remember the formula for the area under a curve.
Twelfth graders define integrals and solve equations with trig functions. In this calculus lesson, 12th graders integrate integrals with sine and cosine powers. They discuss what method to use based on even or odd exponents.
Twelfth graders integrate trig functions with even powers. For this calculus lesson, 12th graders apply their knowledge of trig functions to help them integrate tangents and secants containing even exponents. They integrate the integrals correctly through examples.
Twelfth graders review the fundamental theorem of calculus and solve for the area under the curve. In this calculus lesson, 12th graders differentiate between the area under the curve and the definite integral as it related to the fundamental theorem of calculus. They work lots of examples with the instructor before being on their own.
Students review the steps for integration and solve equations using integration by parts. For this calculus lesson, students apply their knowledge of integration to inverse trig function. Students review their trig and inverse trig functions.
Twelfth graders define integration by parts and solve integrals. In this calculus lesson, 12th graders integrate functions using the product rule. They work example problems with the teacher before doing it on their own.
Students define integrals and list the trig values. In this calculus lesson, students integrate functions using trig substitution. They solve integrals containing sums and differences of squares.
Twelfth graders review techniques of integration. In this calculus instructional activity, 12th graders review integration by parts, integrals with powers, trig substitution, and simpson's rule for a chapter 8 test. They review with a right angle puzzle also.

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