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In this calculus worksheet, students solve problems using U-Substitution. They find antiderivatives  using indefinite integrals. There are 18 questions with an answer key.
Students calculate the area under a curve. In this calculus lesson plan, students use Riemann sums to find and approximate the area under a curve. They use the derivative and differential equations to solve.
Solve problems using integration and derivatives. By using calculus, learners will analyze graphs to find the extrema and change in behavior. They then will identify the end behavior using the derivatives. Activities and handouts are included.
Identify the limits. Using geometry, learners will define the limit and fundamental theorem of calculus. They will also relate limit and derivatives to the real world.
Young scholars calculate the solution using integrals in this calculus lesson. They use the TI to create a visual of how to compute integrals. Learners also use substitution by integration and all its properties.
Pupils solve problems using integration by parts in this calculus instructional activity. Learners apply the product rule and integration by parts. They graph the equation and use the TI to observe the integration process.
Learners investigate the intervals represented by a function in this calculus lesson. They decide what interval of the function will be positive, negative or zero. They are then given graphs of functions and asked to analyze it.
Young mathematicians solve and graph piecewise functions in this calculus lesson. They integrate linear functions containing restrictions and graph their answers using the TI.
In this calculus worksheet, learners use the trapezoid and Simpson's rule to calculate the midpoint sum. They use a specific interval to perform their integration. There are 12 questions.
Students explore scatter functions. In this pre-calculus lesson, students model data, evaluate the function and use their model to interpolate or predict end behavior of the function. The lesson employs the use of a graphing calculator.
Students explore the process of finding the volume of a solid of revolution. In this AP Calculus lesson, students review concepts of finding volumes between two curves before starting this lesson. They observe solids that are formed by the revolutions around a horizontal or vertical axis.
Pupils investigate integrals and their relationship to velocity in this calculus instructional activity. They use the idea of a moving elevator to explore vertical motion and use the TI to help them create a visual.
In this algebra worksheet, students use the summation notation correctly as they solve problems. They define the integral of a function and solve problems involving i. There are 14 questions with an answer key.
In this math worksheet, students complete a series of mathematical investigations to determine readiness for the course of study they are enrolled in. This worksheet is problem set four in a set of worksheets for calculus.
In this Calculus activity, learners find the volume of a solid obtained by revolving a region about the given line.  The four page activity contains sixty-seven problems.  Answers are not included. 
High schoolers engage in daily spelling and vocabulary practice of workplace-related terms with definition matching exercises, word scrambles, dictation, sentence writing. Finally, they compose a short essay in which they use the words correctly.
In this practice exam worksheet, students solve 17 multiple choice problems. Students find derivatives, points of continuity, maximums, minimums, integrals, and area of enclosed regions.
Students discuss the importance of fundamental theorems in math. In this calculus lesson plan, students define the fundamental theorem of calculus and discuss why it is so important they understand it. They work problems to model how this theorem works.
Humongous Calculus problem of the day - "Two hikers begin ..." Use the properties of indefinite integers and indefinte integrals to solve this problem.  Six practice problems are included with space to do the work, as well as a suggestion of ten homework problems from the book.
Students discuss the importance of Integrals as it relates to calculus. In this calculus lesson, students define Integrals and practice taking the integrals of polynomials. They work problems to enhance their understanding of how derivatives is incorporated into calculus.

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