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I myself am often confused by intensive pronouns but your pupils can work by themselves to gain understanding of reflective and intensive pronouns with this worksheet set. You yourself will benefit from the attached answer key.
Nine lessons in a grammar and usage unit provide endless opportunities for drill and practice. Topics include the four types of sentences, subject and predicates, nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, adverbs and prepositions, conjunctions and interjections, as well as capitalization and punctuation. The scripted unit includes a culminating activity, handouts, worksheets, a bibliography, and an assessment.  
Sixth graders explore language arts by completing a worksheet. In this parts of speech lesson, 6th graders read chapters from The Wish Giver and identify pronouns used within the story. Students complete a word detective worksheet based on pronouns.
If you're looking for a quick quiz to give your emerging grammarians, this could be the one. Focusing on different types of pronouns and verbs, this two-page quiz requires learners to define certain terms and create example sentences. 
In this present continuous and present simple tense online quiz, students enter sentences using the subject and verb that are given along with animated clip art. They write 10 sentences using the present continuous tense and 10 sentences using the present simple form.
In this ESL vocabulary building worksheet, students use a drop down list to select the correct names for pictures, numbers, articles of clothing, buildings and furniture items.
In this language review learning exercise, students match questions with answers, choose what or who to complete sentences, choose correct words, answer yes or no questions, and more. Students complete 6 activities.
For this fourth grade English test worksheet, 4th graders complete an interactive quiz. They fill in the blanks with time words and form sentences with was and were. They submit their answers using the "Done" button.
In this vocabulary worksheet, students write the correct part of speech asked for each word. Students transform 40 advanced vocabulary words.
In this ESL present simple/be worksheet, students choose the correct form of a to be verb that correctly completes simple sentences, make sentences negative, change sentences into questions, and complete and match "to be" questions with their answers.
For this past tense worksheet, students choose the correct word to complete each sentence. Students complete 9 sentences total in the past tense.
For this Gulliver's Travels worksheet, students choose the correct word to complete the sentences in the story. Students complete 29 lines.
In this capitals of states in America worksheet, students answer multiple choice questions about the capitals of states. Students complete 10 questions total.
In this ESL verb tense instructional activity, students fill in blanks in sentences about graphing using the correct tense of verbs given in parenthesis. 
In this ad worksheet, students read an ad about sports day, answer multiple choice questions, short answer questions, and fill in the blanks to sentences. Students complete 3 activities.
In this grammar worksheet, students complete multiple choice questions where they fill in the blanks to sentences with the appropriate grammar of the word. Students complete 10 sentences total.
In this countries activity, students choose the correct tense of the word to complete sentences about counties, answer multiple choice questions, and find countries in a word search. Students complete 3 activities.
Online interactives are fun for early finishers, great at independent work stations, and perfect for home schoolers. Use this one to reinforce the use of helping verbs. Learners complete each of the 20 sentences using a drop down located in each. 
In this animals activity, students fill in the blanks to sentences with 2 missing words with a choice of 4 words. Students complete 6 sentences total.
In this online interactive English worksheet, learners respond to 15 fill in the blank questions that require them to use prepositions appropriately. Students may submit their answers to be scored.

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