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In this sets activity, students solve five multiple choice problems related to unions and intersections of sets.  The solutions are available by clicking on the "check it" button found on the bottom of the page.
Is there a difference between the union of sets and the intersection of sets? The teacher uses a Venn diagram to illustrate how to determine what makes a union and what makes an intersection of sets.
Is there a difference between the union of sets and the intersection of sets? The teacher uses a Venn diagram to illustrate how to determine what makes a union and what makes an intersection of sets.
In this Venn Diagram worksheet, learners analyze the union, intersection, and subtraction of three sets of Venn Diagrams.
In this math worksheet, students put numbers into a three circle Venn Diagram. Students are given the numbers that are in each set. The repeated numbers are to be put in the intersections of the circles. Students identify the intersections and unions of sets. The final two problems ask students to draw new Venn diagrams.
In this compound inequalities worksheet, 9th graders solve and complete 7 different problems that include graphing various inequalities on a number line given. First, they graph the solution set of each compound inequality. Then, students solve each compound inequality and graph its solution set.
In this Venn Diagram worksheet, students identify the union and intersection of two sets of numbers. Three two circle Venn diagrams are presented on this worksheet.
For this sets worksheet, students solve 6 short answer problems. Students define a given picture of sets in symbol form. Students find the difference between two sets.
Acquaint mathematicians to the concept of probability with a discussion about the results of a game. Then have them play a dice, card, spinner, or coin game and recording the number of wins vs. the number of tries on an interactive web page. Discussion notes and graphics are provided to guide your lecture. At the bottom of the page, there are alternate suggestions and links to related lessons by the same publisher. If you have access to a computer lab, this will add variety to your curriculum.
In this online sets and Venn Diagrams worksheet, students complete five Venn Diagrams involving whole numbers and twenty five questions. Students check their answers as they go.
Taking many of the concepts he has covered in the last few videos, including probability, combinations, and conditional probability, Sal uses the example of fair and unfair coins in a bag to show various probability problems. Students who have a hard time visualizing these problems will appreciate Sal's explanations and annotations.
Music theory lessons can be very tricky for some people. Children with a basic understanding of musical concepts take on the task of transposing music and identifying scale sets. This would be a good topic to address prior to discussing circle of fifths. The lesson includes sheet music and two worksheets. 
Students have clarified the definition of probability, have learned about outcomes in probability, and know how to calculate experimental probability
Middle and high schoolers have a clarified definition of probability, they explore about outcomes in probability and how to calculate experimental probability. They use computers to learn about probability.
In this Algebra I/Geometry/Algebra II worksheet, students solve problems that reflect the types of assessment items found on the Regents Examination for the state of New York.  The seventy-one page document contains a combination of thirty-four multiple choice and free response test items along with samples of student work, rubrics, and subject matter alignment.  Answers are not included. 
In this integrated algebra worksheet, students solve problems involving system of equations, quadratic equations, inequalities, surface area, and radicals.  This 28-page worksheet contains 39 multi-step problems.
In this integrated algebra worksheet, students solve problems covering topics studied during the year.  Problems include topics such as slope-intercept, Venn Diagrams, finding the solution to multi-step algebra problems, writing equations parallel and perpendicular to a line, and solving word problems.  This 28-page worksheet contains 39 problems.
In this Venn diagram worksheet, students determine the union and intersection of sets.  This two-page worksheet cotnains 10 problems.  Answers are provided on the last page.
In this congruent angles worksheet, students solve 5 multiple choice problems. Students find angle measures given perpendicular lines that intersect another set of perpendicular lines. Students identify the type of angle formed by two perpendicular lines.
In this sets worksheet, students create new sets from the union and intersection of previous sets.  This one-page worksheet contains 5 multiple-choice problems.

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