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Students participate in mock interviews. In this interview skills instructional activity, students prepare for a mock interview by following the provided instructional activity procedures, participate in the evaluated interview, and write Thank You letters to their interviewer.
Students research, investigate and develop an individual career plan. They analyze all their career options and goals. Each student fine tunes their interviewing and written skills as they prepare to seek certain jobs out in the work force.
Intended to provide teachers with ideas on how to incorporate career research and portfolio building, this lesson provides several learning options. The suggestions will aid learners in understanding job or career research, personal skills and abilities, and using an online format to create a career portfolio. Check it out!
Prepare your pupils for the world of work and the dreaded interview by providing class members with a resource packet that includes handy tips. After examining the materials, pairs conduct mock interviews and reflect on the experience. The packet details the types of interviews, preparation tips (including how to dress), sample questions for the interviewer, a list of reasons why candidates receive rejection replies, and frequently asked interview questions.
Students consider careers in the nonprofit sector. In this interview skills lesson, students conduct interviews with employees of local nonprofits and present their findings to their classmates.
Prepping pupils for the real world is a vital part of our job. This activity focuses on getting upper graders ready for their first post-collegiate job interview. They will prepare a resume, research a potential company to work for, and then engage in a mock interview which their peers will rate. Script, procedure, and worksheets are included. This lesson really offers a glimpse of what it takes to land a good job!
Students consider career options. In this career planning instructional activity, students practice job interviewing skills, examine payroll checks and discuss employee benefits.
Seventh graders explore career options and goals. In this career lesson plan, 7th graders study occupation cards and find a career path they are interested in. Students work in groups to to sort occupation cards with a career path poster. Students answer questions, discuss interviewing skills, and complete a mock interview and form.
Students interview people who have a business and have people working for them. They create a bar graph with the results of their survey. They create a chart with the most important skills or attitudes looked for in a potential employee.
High school kids get thinking about college by creating e-portfolios. They conduct Internet research on a specific career, take a self-assessment, and relate their interests/strengths to the career they've chosen. 
Middle schoolers will identify several professions in the healthcare field along with the characteristics of effective healthcare providers. They will also consider if any of the occupations covered in class are appropriate career paths. Research will be done using the Internet. A list of healthcare careers and links are provided.
Students watch video of job interview skills and make their own video by role playing an interview.
Students use Pocahontas' resume to develop a career research project.
Students practice critical thinking skills as they evaluate which individuals from Earth they believe should be among the first colonists on Mars. They also practice interviewing skills through role playing.
Ninth graders create Career Portfolios and slideshows that contain documents that will be able to use in a job search. They participate in mock job interviews to practice interviewing skills. They listen to a presentation by a human relations or personnel manager from a local company.
Young scholars explore the field of meteorology. In this meteorology instructional activity, students explore weather-related careers as they research the field of study as well as various weather concepts. Young scholars interview meteorologists, write business letters, write job descriptions, and create PowerPoint presentations regarding weather careers.
Seventh graders demonstrate their ability to identify interview skills that lead to success in the job-seeking process by participating in and observing an interview with an employer. Students also use a checklist to validate their ability to identify the use of effective interview skills.
Students research different careers in the health field, and identify the characteristics of effective providers of health care.
Students practice interviewing skills. It is particularly geared toward those students facing competitive scholarship interviews.
Eighth graders consider what it takes to get through the interview process by conducting one. They create interview questions to use as they dig for the truth about first jobs and they interview each other. After the interviews they get into small groups to compare notes. Consider having learners interview an adult as homework.

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