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Learners analyze the text, Island of the Blue Dolphins. In this literature lesson, students read the novel three chapters at a time and write short summary with a prediction about what happen next. Learners discuss unfamiliar words in the text and define them. The students also brainstorm things they need in order to survive on an island. Suggested graphic organizers are included.
Discuss Island of the Blue Dolphins in this guided reading lesson. Young learners read the historical novel by Scott O'Dell independently, and discuss plot points and characterization with their classmates throughout the book. After they finish the novel, reflect how the book has changed them personally.
Students can create a board game to show their understanding of the book "Island of the Blue Dolphins" by Scott O'Dell.
Fifth graders, after reading Island of the Blue Dolphins, explore map making using the Whole Language Approach.
Young scholars rev themselves up to read. In this Island of the Blue Dolphins lesson, students participate in a scripted tea party to enable them to note key elements in the novel before they read it.
Island of the Blue Dolphins, Scott O'Dell's classic tale of Karana, a young girl stranded on an island off the California coast, is the focus of a sixteen- slide presentation that includes a list of vocabulary words, guided reading questions, and a link to resources. Also included are a series of "Daily Fix-It" grammar exercises.
In this Island of the Blue Dolphins worksheet, students survey how to unscramble twenty five words associated with the novel.
Students read and analyze information related to the book Island of the Blue Dolphin. They select appropriate information for the purpose of investigating part of the book.
In this reading comprehension worksheet, students complete 7 short answer questions regarding the book Island of the Blue Dolphins. Students write summary paragraphs of the book on dolphin shaped worksheets.
Fourth graders construct a character sketch of the main character Karana from the book, Island of the Blue Dolphin. They create a concept map, time line, or animation project deomonstrating their knowledge of the book through multimedia presentations.
In this comprehension learning exercise, learners complete matching, short answer, and multiple choice questions for the book Island of the Blue Dolphins. Students complete 17 problems.
In this reading worksheet, students answer 10 multiple-choice questions about the book. For example, "What caused the death of the old sea elephant?"
Fifth graders work in groups of three to produce a slide show (at least 5 slides, no more than 8) in Kid Pix. They work in groups, and plan a slide show of at least 5 slides for presentation on the different sea life they studied during a novel unit on The Island of the Blue Dolphins.
Fifth graders compare/contrast the theme of survival in each of the novels as exhibited by the actions, thoughts and feelings of the main characters. They use Inspiration software to represent their conclusions in a graphic organizer.
In this Island of the Blue Dolphin worksheet, students identify vocabulary words from chapters one and two in this book. They match the vocabulary word to the best definition Students complete six problems.
Bring parents into your study of The Cay by Theodore Taylor. Each of the five activities included here incorporates parent input and participation. The activities focus on setting, characterization, and vocabulary. Graphic organizers and other related materials are included in the packet, as are instructions and rationale for each activity.
Fifth graders complete a project for a Newberry Award winning book. This ambitious lesson plan outlines the expectations for students regarding their project. Included is a list of possible books and a variety of writing, art, music and performance activities.
Students use a variety of reference materials to complete a trivia-question scavenger hunt assignment. They seek answers to questions in many curriculum areas.
In this language arts worksheet, students will read from a list of given literature as well as research the author's life. Students are then asked to synthesize a comparison between the book's characters and the life story of the author of their chosen literature.
Students read an age-appropriate novel in which an island setting plays an important role from a provided list. This will help them understand life on an island. They will analyze the plot, theme, characterization, setting, and style of the book.

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