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Students describe how graffiti is a part of everyday culture. They develop basic vocabulary terms for thinking and writing about graffiti and make and justify judgments about aesthetics qualities in graffiti art. They compare and contrast specific works of Basquiat in graffiti, and how graffiti played a major role in his art style.
Students view images of Warhol/Basquiat collaboration and discuss them using the questions listed in the lesson plan. They work in groups to choose a theme or topic relating to American culture and discuss ideas about symbols that could be used to represent their ideas. Students ust the internet to find images, symbols and words to include on their artwork. Each group creates an artwork.
Students identify and interpret the Neo-Expressionist art movement, specifically the life of Jean-Michel Basquiat. They identify the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat and the works of the Neo-Expressionist period. Then, students write an essay about the life and career of Jean- Michel Basquiat using the questions included in the lesson as a frame work.
Pupils explore the aims of artists working in various contemporary art movements, then create works in a similar art style to convey
Prime your class for a collaborative learning project by first showing them a presentation that highlights Warhol's collaborative endeavors. Slides describe key vocabulary related to collaboration, and then demonstrate its importance by showing all the ways Warhol collaborated with musicians, engineers, and actors to create inspired art.
Discuss pop-art, Andy Warhol, and the concept of collaborative painting with your class. Learners won't be analyzing Warhol's work, but they will be engaging in group activities to understand the collaboration in art. They'll make a shared journal, discuss Warhol's philosophy of art, and make a short movie as a team. 
Students analyze and write text for audio guides about particular pieces of art from the Surrealism movement.
Students work with younger students to collaborate to create a painting. In this lesson plan, students read Life Doesn't Frighten Me. High School students write and discuss fears with Kindergarten children, and then create an artwork showing how they will overcome their fears. High School students present their artwork to the Kindergartners
Students explore how they connect with artwork on an emotional level through writing and the creation of an original piece of art.
Learners consider the ways nature has been used in art, and then design and create their own original sculptures using materials from nature for a class exhibit.
Examine the contributions of African-Americans in the worlds of art and literature. Over the course of a few days, young scholars will read and analyze a poem, a short story, and a piece of art. They complete a range of comprehension-building activities, including writing poetry based on their reflections, comparing different people groups through a graph, and creating a class mural.
Young scholars create wax sculptures of a full body using mathematical calculations and information gathered from a video in this excellent art project. The lesson can be used along or within the unit provided.
Students inspect visual arts by examining images on the web. In this art history lesson, students discuss the history of art after researching Keith Haring's work on the Internet. Students analyze the style of Haring and create a quilt based on individual paintings and drawings from each student in class.
Students study the art of Andy Warhol and consider the line between art and life. They create their own artistic renditions of popular culture themes and images in order to explore their influence on our lives.
Students rate a variety of kid-friendly museum Web sites for both their educational and entertainment value. They reflect in writing about the overall success of each site to pique their interest in art, science, history or culture.
Students investigate expressive colors in painting and practice painting with bold colors. They examine the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci before painting on a photocopied example.

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