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In this reading comprehension skills worksheet, students read a 1 page selection entitled "Giant Jellyfish Invasion" and then respond to 5 multiple choice questions.
In this jellyfish picture learning exercise, students view and discuss a picture of a jellyfish and color the picture with vibrant colors for illustration.
Students review the letter J. For this alphabet lesson, students identify this letter, show what it looks like, and tell the sound it makes. They watch a jellyfish movie and make jellyfish art. 
Learners investigate Ocean life by participating in an arts and crafts project.  In this oceanography lesson, students discuss sea creatures, specifically jellyfish.  Learners are given coffee filters, markers, wax paper and wiggle eyes to create their own version of a jellyfish.
In this jellyfish learning exercise, students read 10 clues that pertain to jellyfish. Students find the word in the word bank that best fits each clue and complete a crossword puzzle.
In this jellyfish activity worksheet, students respond to 10 multiple choice questions that require them to exhibit the knowledge they have regarding jellyfish.    
In this jellyfish vocabulary skills worksheet, students match the 10 listed jellyfish-related words to the appropriate sentences that describe each of them.
In this jellyfish worksheet, students read one paragraph about jellyfish and then complete fill in the blank sentences about what they read. Students complete 4 sentences.
Thimble jellyfish are no bigger than a human thumbnail. These interesting creatures are 95% water! Learn more awesome facts in this great video clip.
Students read books, learn about the letter j, and eat jello all to learn about the letter j. In this letter j lesson plan, students also make a jellyfish craft.
In this cnidarians worksheet, students will read 4 descriptions and identify each as either the polyp or medusa form of cnidarian. Then students will complete 3 short answer questions about the characteristics of cnidarians. Finally, students will review the life cycle of a jellyfish by putting the 6 stages in order.
In this science article, students identify headlines and subtitles. After reading the article, they explore the main idea and describe the importance of the article. This one-page worksheet contains four questions.
Students try to draw and identify a jellyfish from a physical description. After reading an article, they discover new information about cnidarians. In groups, they research and develop dioramas about a specific cnidarian species. They reflect on the evolutionary nature of science.
In this jellyfish worksheet, students analyze ten words in a word box that pertain to jellyfish. Students find these words in a word search puzzle.
In this word recognition worksheet, students recognize words relating to jellyfish. Students are given ten words relating to jellyfish that they are to put in alphabetical order.
In this jellyfish facts worksheet, 2nd graders read several short, informational passages about jellyfish. Students learn facts and read a short poem about jellyfish.
In this science worksheet, students inspect a realistic detailed drawing of a jellyfish. Students read the informative paragraph about jellyfish and color the picture.
In this word practice worksheet, 2nd graders complete word practice activities including a word scramble, a visual activity, a word building activity, and a word search activity. All activities relate to jellyfish.
In this subtraction equations worksheet, students solve 8 problems in which 3 numbers inside a jellyfish shape are arranged to make a subtraction equation. Students solve and check by adding.
Fourth graders make a distinction between plastic waste food and natural wallots.

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