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Filling out a job application can be a confusing and overwhelming task for a young adult. Take some time and provide your class with practical advice and experience by filling out a real job application. Each learners fills out the application as best they can, then takes note of the information they were unable to provide and what that means to a potential employer.
Students use online resources and activities to examine the vocabulary of a job application. In this job application lesson, students review and take sample online job readiness exams. Students read a publication about completing a job application and analyze glossary of related terms. Students work in groups to critique the job applications of their peers, review composing letters, cover letters, and complete their own applications.
In this job application instructional activity, students complete a ten question on-line interactive quiz about applying for a job. Students read the text and fill in the blanks with the correct word to finish each sentence.
Your 16 or 17-year-old young scholars really want to get a job. Show them how to find a job opening, choose a job, and pick up a job application. They'll create a list of where to find job opening information, fill out a job application, and engage in mock interview.
In this crossword puzzle learning exercise, students complete the crossword puzzle by solving the 12 clues at the bottom of the page. The theme of this puzzle is job applications and interviews.
Students access prior knowledge to list careers working with the environment. In this environmental careers lesson, students create a want ad for environmental jobs. Students complete job applications for specific environmental jobs and find the places where these jobs would be available.
Fourth graders plan and participate in a school-wide valentine business. They design Valentine cards, complete a job application and job interview, create advertisements for their sale, record valentine sales using spreadsheet software, and evaluate the overall performance of the business.
Students examine various careers in Ag Engineering both globally and locally. They analyze work sites, compare/contrast working conditions and define skills needed by employers. They prepare short speeches and present them, accurately complete a job application, and set up a complete and thorough resume.
Seventh graders are asked a variety of questions and identify the skills as job-task or not. As a class, they discuss how they could lose a job before they start working and review how to sell their skills for the job posting. To end the lesson, they practice completing a job application and review them in groups to determine who would be the best candidate.
Students examine teen labor laws. In this teen jobs lesson, students read labor laws and complete sample job applications. Students also role play job interviews and examine hiring packets.
Students are introduced to job applications and interviews. In this life skills lesson, students practice filling out job applications. Students also go through mock interviews to prepare for getting a job. Some excellent printable resources are embedded in the plan.
Students recognize vocabulary necessary for applying for a job, fill out a job application and provide personal information necessary for applying for a job. They spell the names of references and tell ways of networking to improve job prospects.
Young scholars access the material necessary to complete an employment application. They produce a personal data sheet, examine the information needed for job applications, and complete a generic application.
Students, after reviewing the vocabulary terms on the board, examine how to fill out a job application form with a prospective employer. After seeing one model for the students, they practice one and then fill out an actual job application form with the appropriate information on it.
Students study how to complete a job application. They identify personal information, employment history, education, and references. They work in pairs to complete an activity sheet and participate in a speaking exercise to ask and answer questions.
Students brainstorm information needed on a job application. They join groups of college bound, work bound and undecided. They compare applications in a Venn diagram. They research employment questions by interviewing mentors, teachers and parents.
In this completing a job application form worksheet, 6th graders read a standard job application and tips about filling it out, use the information to answer questions, and complete a double T chart showing job title, job requirements, and skills needed. Students write six answers.
Students fill out job applications for openings as sales clerk and stocker. They role play being the "Boss" to critique job applications.
Students encounter how to fill out a job application correctly. They read and discuss appropriate measures that should be taken in filling out a job application. Students fill a job application out and be assessed by their teacher.
Students complete job applications. For this written communication lesson, students discuss the purpose of job applications and then complete job applications in their field. 

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