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Students determine the skills that are necessary to be a chemical engineer. In this job and chemical engineering lesson, students research the skills that are needed for this job and how those skills are related to their curriculum of studies. They deliver and individual project using art materials.
Students fill out job applications for openings as sales clerk and stocker. They role play being the "Boss" to critique job applications.
Students read a story and name community jobs that were included in the story. They discuss responsibility and responsible behavior within a job. They relate the lesson to the jobs/chores they have to do at home.
In this reading advertisements worksheet, students read an ad for a job as Director of Outreach Programs at a College of Public Health. Students answer 8 true and false questions about the text.
Students discuss colonial America and the jobs and trades that immigrants had to have to have a society that flourished. In this immigration jobs lesson plan, students also discuss the role of women in these times.
Students write a research paper about their dream job. They organize their paper using research notes, and support their main idea with supporting details.
In this ESL reading comprehension worksheet, students read job advertisements and complete associated comprehension questions, 6 total.
Find everything you need for a successful job shadow in for career explorers. Once learners have determined what field they are interested in, it's time to see these professionals in action! You'll find letter templates learners can follow and send to hosts; one is a request and the other a thank you. They bring an interview form (also included) to fill out during their visit. There is even a planning sheet to help pupils stay on top of their own logistics. For scholars who aren't ready or interested in visiting an actual job site, consider the virtual job shadow link here. 
Tenth graders write a job application letter for a job of the pioneer era, either specifically for Utah and the West or for any job current in America at that time.
Tenth graders write a job application letter for a job of the pioneer era, either specifically for Utah and the West or for any job current in America at that time.
Pupils discover how to use a phone book and the want ads to find a job, how to fill out a job application, and how to write/type a resume. They participate in a mock job interview.
Learners facilitate each student's comprehension of the different jobs on a ship and the job's evolutions over time. They compare/contrast certain jobs on a ship from history to today. Students work together in cooperative groups to present their combined learnings from this activity.
Students explore the concepts of community in relation to how jobs and businesses work interdependently. Through an identification game, students grasp and analyze their importance to a functioning community. Students discuss the importance of jobs.
Third graders identify the skills that are important in performing helper jobs in the school and the skills that are possessed personally by them. They write a short paragraph to summarize the information taught about top three job shadowing choices. Students use their hands to make shadows in front of the flashlight to reflect on the wall.
Learners identify jobs that they would be interested in doing in the future. For this jobs lesson plan, students partner up and ask each other questions about jobs they saw in the book "Paws in Jobland". They each identify jobs they may like to do in the future and draw pictures of each other doing those jobs.
Students write reasons for liking a certain job. In this jobs lesson plan, students identify the top 3 jobs they would like to have. They then fill out a worksheet explaining why they would like to have that job.
Students match a job to where this job would be performed. In this jobs and places lesson plan, students have to decide where a certain job would be performed by filling out a worksheet and drawing a symbol to match each place.
Pupils explore responsibility by participating in class exercises. In this classroom community lesson, students utilize flash cards which assign one of six jobs to every student in the class. Pupils perform their class responsibilities and are assessed based on performance.
Students discuss the different stages of job loss. In this communication lesson, students brainstorm ways to cope with this situation. They share their ideas in class.
High schoolers read a lesson on international trade and then debate whether the U.S. government could improve job opportunities by passing legislation restricitng car imports or by subsidizing domestic car production.

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