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Students participate in a variety of activities surrounding a thematic unit on apples and Johnny Appleseed.
Students participate in a variety of activities surrounding a thematic unit on apples and Johnny Appleseed.
Students participate in a variety of activities surrounding a thematic unit on apples and Johnny Appleseed.
First graders will love the (mostly-true) story of Johnny Appleseed! This presentation will enable them to take a closer look into his life. They will chart what they already know about Johnny Appleseed and what they would like to know. Additionally, they compare past and present through reading and discussions about this famous figure from America's past. Fantastic PowerPoint!
Students read stories about Johnny Appleseed, taste different kinds of apples and discuss what a seed is. They make charts and do tempura apple tree drawings. This looks like a beautiful lesson for kindergarten students!
Young scholars discover information about Johnny Appleseed by listening to the storybook by Steven Kellogg.  In this reading lesson, students answer questions posed from the teacher about John Chapman. 
Learners study the life of John Chapman and compare it with the fictional character, Johnny Appleseed. Students listen to books about Johnny Appleseed, and watch a video and PowerPoint if available. They make a KWL chart, make an online Venn diagram, and make a timeline using software. They write a non-fiction story of John Chapman's life, in which they insert clip-art.
Students investigate Johnny Appleseed.  In this cross curriculum literacy and U.S. history lesson, students listen to Johnny Appleseed by Steven Kellogg, and dictate important events in his life as the teacher writes them on index cards.  A timeline is made using the cards, and the students create their own timeline on the computer. A related song is included.
Second graders create Johnny Appleseed using origami. In this geometry lesson, 2nd graders classify geometric figures. After reading Johnny Appleseed, students create a 3-D image of Johnny Appleseed using origami.  Resources are included.
Second graders make an origami Johnny Appleseed. In this geometry lesson students follow folding instructions. They find different geometric shapes while they are folding. They create Johnny Appleseed's body and attach a face and hands as well as apples and shoes.
Second graders calculate mileage for a journey. In this place value and measurement instructional activity, 2nd graders read Johnny Appleseed, work in groups to locate his birthplace on a map, locate the other states he stopped in, and measure the distance between each stop. Students calculate the mileage needed for Johnny Appleseed's journey and discuss the place value of each number.
In this Johnny Appleseed instructional activity, students read information about Johnny Appleseed and answer comprehension questions. Students answer eight true and false statements.
In this Johnny Appleseed instructional activity, students explore the life of this fictional character. Students read a passage and complete eight true false questions about what they just read.
Students study about Johnny Appleseed using a variety of sources. They distinguish between fact and fiction and use the information they have gathered to create their own stories about Johnny Appleseed. They publish their work by typing their stories on the computer and then they share it with the class.
Learners listen to the book, JOHNNY APPLESEED focusing on the directions that he traveled within the United States. They discuss Johnny Appleseed's westward travels locating the westward direction on the map and also answer questions using hand signals for the four cardinal directions.
First graders are introduced to various resources in the library. To find information about Johnny Appleseed, they explore these resources in the library to find answers to student generated fact and fiction questions about him.
Learners read American folktales. They explore and discuss the characteristics of a folktale. Students construct a Venn Diagram to compare/contrast Lupine Lady and Johnny Appleseed. Class diagrams will be displayed.
Students explore American folktales. They review the elements of folktales. Students read the folktale of Johnny Appleseed together. They discuss the vocabulary words from the story. Students discuss the differences between the real Johnny Appleseed's life and how his life would be if he lived today.
Students participate in a shared reading of Steven Kellogg's, Johnny Appleseed and discuss the meaning of folktales and legends. They watch a video of the same story for comparison purposes. They journal about their favorite folktale and peer review the entry for grammatical errors.
Second graders practice using different math functions by exploring the life of Johnny Appleseed.  In this measurement lesson, 2nd graders discuss Johnny Appleseed, where he came from and where he traveled in his life.  Students utilize their measuring skills to add up the mileage of all his trips.

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