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Young scholars read and discuss," The Andromeda Strain" by Michael Crichton and complete a short writing exercise as a warm-up for a longer piece of science fiction writing. They choose a topic and create a science fiction short story such as, "The Day Diffusion Stopped".
In this grammar worksheet, students choose the correct verb or expression in parentheses that makes twenty sentences grammatically correct.
In this grammar worksheet, students choose the appropriate verb or helping/linking verbs in twenty sentences that make each one grammatically correct.
In this famous authors activity worksheet, students examine 25 author names and then put those names into alphabetical order.    
In this "Man on the Moon" with Walter Cronkite worksheet, students watch the movie and respond to 35 short answer questions regarding its content.
Ninth graders view a video, answer questions then lead a class discussion.  For this scientific lesson students study the voyage of the HMS Challenger and answer questions accordingly.
Students examine the effects scientific advances have on society through reading literature.  Students compare other novels that contains warnings about the misuse of science to Gulliver's Travels and conduct research and create posters demonstrating what they've learned.
In this identifying genre and subgenre #2 worksheet, 9th graders read 17 short summaries, then select the genre and subgenre from the choices given and explain their choice in writing.
Students create a poster in which they discuss literature that warns against the abuse of science.  In this Gulliver's Travels lesson, students research the author's views of science and technology and how science affects human society.  Students present their information in a poster.
Students investigate the concept of an underwater submarine while viewing a program with information about World War II U-boats. They answer key questions after the viewing of the program using student created notes. A summary of the video is given in the lesson plan.
Student study the USS Alligator, the United States' first submarine. They describe the United States' first submarine, the USS Alligator's technology in 1862 and its voyages. A nautical vocabulary list is included for student reference.
If your class is working on essays, and you'd like your writers to add transition words, then this handout might be for you. With a list of transition words categorized by type and an example paragraph, this resource could act as a reference sheet for learners as they comb through their essays.
Students examine the topic of free trade and its impact on the world economy. They conduct Internet research, and prepare and present a report of their findings.
Eighth graders use the internet to explore and navigate through a digital library. They work alone or in pairs to search categories such as title, subject, and country. Students use the website library to find answers to given questions on a worksheet.