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Students kick a stationary ball from a stationary position so it travels along the ground. They kick the ball with the left and right foot. Students kick the ball with the inside and toe of foot. They kick the ball so it knocks over a target.
Free kicks, goal kicks, corner kicks, penalty kicks. These are types of kicks in the game of soccer. Lesson four is all about learning and practicing how to kick the ball. Laces, laces, laces. That's the part of the foot that should make contact with the soccer ball.  This is the fourth instructional activity out of 20 in this soccer unit. There are links to the other lessons.
Students practice the skill of kicking a ball.
Pupils kick a ball with the proper technique and recognize and demonstrate the sequence it takes to kick the ball properly. They kick a ball a lengthy distance in the proper direction without losing control of the ball or their bodies. Students kick a ball at a target 5 to 10 feet away and be relatively accurate with their kicks.
Students review the proper way to kick a ball and the techniques to keep it in control. In groups, they practice kicking and punting the ball from stationary positions. To end the instructional activity, they discover how to punt the ball using different parts of their foot.
Students practice in the gym hopping on one leg and then changing over to the other leg and set a pattern for hopping. They then demonstrate how to skip step and emphasize the aim is to stay in the air as long as possible. Each student is then introduced to the skill of kicking a ball in a staged approach.
Students practice accurately kicking a ball. In this gross motor skills lesson, students practice kicking a ball through the legs of a classmate, who is the "goal".
Students kick a drop punt. For this physical education skills lesson, students participate in a series of skill activities fostering eye-foot coordination. Students practice kicking a drop punt to the coach, a partner and a target.
Fifth graders demonstrate proper kicking technique as it is used in soccer. They practice kicking with different parts of the foot and participate in a kicking relay.
Second graders are told the no hand rule, never touch the ball with your hands. They kick and pass with instep and outside of the foot. Students are asked if they have ever watched soccer on TV? They are shown how to control the soccer ball and kick it to a partner.
Students practice kicking with their instep to improve accuracy. They are to knock down bowling pins while their score is being charted.
Students continue to examine the proper way to kick a ball. In groups, they practice all the kicking positions from a previous lesson and try to increase their accuracy when it comes to making a goal. To end the lesson, they discover other techniques to help them while kicking to insure the ball stays in control.
Young scholars participate with passing and kicking a medium-sized playground ball. They stand in a large circle and softly kick the ball to another student in the circle. The object is not allowing the ball to get above the knee level and not to roll outside of the circle.
Students kick a ball with the proper technique and recognize and demonstrate the sequence it takes to kick the ball properly. They kick a ball in the proper direction using a combination of short and long kicks, without losing control of the ball or their bodies. Students stop a moving ball by trapping it between their feet and the ground.
In this word recognition learning exercise, students trace the words "kick the ball," write the words independently, and color the picture of the soccer ball.
Students practice kicking skills. In this soccer physical education lesson, students play a game in which they take turns kicking a ball with team mates in an attempt to get the ball into a hoola hoop. Students tally their scores on a score sheet and add up the number of kicks when finished with 9 "holes" of soccer golf.
Fifth graders practice focusing on passing a ball straight to a partner, kicking the ball into the goal, drop the ball straight down for a punt and punt the kick on the top of your foot. They assess how to step up to the target, use instep for accuracy and use the side of their toe for power. Students play a modified soccer game.
Passing a soccer ball to a teammate take skill. The ball has to be passed with the right speed at the right angle to make it playable and advantageous for your player. It takes a lot of practice to get the right touch because if one cannot make passes to ones teammates this mean the other team is taking possession of the ball. So learn and practice these several ways of passing a soccer ball!
Young scholars practice soccer kicking skills. In this soccer skills lesson, students participate in a game as they use the inside of their foot to kick the ball toward numbered cones.
Students practice soccer skills. In this soccer lesson, students use cones and a foam ball to practice kicking and trapping in small groups. Students use a timer to see how quickly their group can pass the ball around the triangle of cones.

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