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Students create a monthly memory and compile it into a Kindergarten Memory Book.  In this memory book lesson, students create a monthly memory page.  Students create a graphic organizer in Kidspiration which is developed into a story page. Story pages are compiled into a memory book at the end of the year.
Students investigate Kindergarten and the different activities that are found there. They are introduced to the classroom and procedures with the help of a puppet show. Then students color in a worksheet that focuses around the expectations of the school.
Students investigate the life that takes place before going to kindergarten. They brainstorm about some of the key events that are common for children entering school. Students create two drawings about life before kindergarten and create notes from reflection.
Students engage in a discussion about their preconceived ideas about kindergarten. They share their feelings about being in kindergarten and listen to the book "Oh, The Places You'll Go!" by Dr. Seuss.
A brief overview of a new class that can be beneficial for young learners.
Experience learning alongside your child as you begin your homeschooling journey.
Helpful hints and tips to ease the first day and reinforce learning at home.
Students explore the letter K. In this letter recognition activity, students identify the letter K and discuss words that begin with this letter. Students practice the letter K with color sheets, hands-on activities, songs, and books.
Learners practice recognizing and writing the letter J.  In this letter recognition lesson, students use lined paper with dotted letters J's to practice tracing and then writing alone. Learners also use a word search to search for all the letter J's in the puzzle.
Pupils explore magnets through the five lessons of this unit. The everyday uses of magnets and an awareness of magnetic attraction form the basis of the skills presented in these lessons.
Students explore the sounds of different instruments through the nne lessons of this unit. Instruments representing the elements of percussion, string, and wind are utilized in this unit.
Students explore a variety of ways of how to care for the environment in the nine lessons of this unit. They observe how to be responsible "Earth Kids."
Students prepare for school and relieve anxiety they might be experiencing in regards to beginning school. In this Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten lesson plan, students develop listening skills, produce rhyming words, and learn to write their names.
Students are introduced to the letter "I" and associate the letter "I" with an animal, snack idea, color, shape, music, and art activity. In this letter "I" instructional activity, students practice writing and tracing the capital letter "I" on dotted paper. Students search the letter "I" in a search puzzle and listen to books about Iguanas.
Kindergarteners practice showing 1:1 correspondence while incorporating information they learned about a local Native American culture. The objects used for counting are taken from the previous day's Native American lesson. The intention is for them to use the newly-acquired vocabulary while building 1:1 correspondence and counting skills.
Students participate in activities related to letter H. In this letter H lesson, students practice handwriting, and letter recognition through a letter search puzzle. Students participate in activities related to letter H words flash card word identification, reading about an animal with letter h (i.e. hippopotamus), and a song about an h word.
In this kindergarten birthday activity, students fill in blanks, writing their birthday and how old they will be, then color a picture of a birthday cake. Worksheet has links to additional activities.
Here is an excellent, four-page worksheet that can be used as a reading and writing assessment tool by a kindergarten teacher. Learners follow instructions given, identify pictures and words, and sound out letter sounds. An answer key is provided in this impressive resource.
A collection of single-syllable sight words appropriate for kindergarteners flashes across a yellow screen. Each word is clearly read and is printed in dark black lettering.
Students work with younger students to collaborate to create a painting. In this lesson, students read Life Doesn't Frighten Me. High School students write and discuss fears with Kindergarten children, and then create an artwork showing how they will overcome their fears. High School students present their artwork to the Kindergartners