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Students receive a brief history of snowshoes and their development, discuss various types of snowshoes, explore people using snowshoes throughout Wisconsin History, and experience a hands-on, or in this case "feet-on," snowshoe excursion.
Learners examine the difference between primary and secondary sources by examining the journal of Cabeza de Vaca and creating a poster about the Coahuitecan Indian groups. They portray a scene of the groups in 16th Century south Texas.
Students complete a post-trip discussion after visiting the capitol building in Austin. As a class, they review how soldiers received their allotment of land for participating in the Texas Revolution. Individually, they write a letter from the point of view of one of the soldiers explaining how they are going to use their land. To end the lesson, they identify the types of items they needed to move their belongings.
Students investigate the concept of solving problems when given it in words and employing a wide variety of methods. They practice applying a logical sequence to find the solution to a problem while estimating possible answers to help in the process.
Learners verify Newtons Second Law of Motion by seeing what happens when a body is subjected to force.  In this Law of Motion activity students complete an activity, collect data and analyze and graph data. 
Students research how water played an important role in US history. In this social studies lesson, students make a mock newscast from one of the events they researched. They present their newscast to the class. 
Young scholars investigate U.S. geography by exploring it's bodies of water. In this river formation lesson, students identify the reasons rivers are needed in our country by reading assigned text. Young scholars examine a diagram which explains how rain travels a long path to become groundwater which we inevitably drink.

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