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Practice friendly letter writing with your outgoing learners. They will compose a letter about themselves to be given to their teacher for the following year and a letter welcoming new students to their current classroom.  A friendly letter template is included. Note: Scroll down to find the lesson resource.
Develop letter-writing skills by adapting appropriate language conventions according to context. Young authors will write standard friendly and business letters, and send a business e-mail to a state's Department of Tourism to request information. This could be made into a unit to promote communication skills.
In this letter writing worksheet, students complete 7 letters of complaint. Students read the scenario and write a letter of concern or complaint. Note: There are references to agencies in the UK and the spelling of words in the directions is standard in the UK.
Learners demonstrate persuasive letter writing. In this writing lesson, students study a quotation about children's rights and discuss their views on it. Learners write a persuasive letter to the author of the quote stating their feelings.
When do we use formal letter writing? When do we use informal letter writing? Compare formal letter writing with informal letter writing using a Venn diagram. Included in this resource are ways to guide middle schoolers through the letter writing process. Though designed for ESL learners, this would work with any proficiency level.
In this online quiz worksheet, learners answer a set of multiple choice questions about proper letter writing. Page includes links to answers, ads and resources.
Third graders learn the importance of letter writing for communication. For this letter writing lesson, 3rd graders identify how letter writing was important in the life of Abigail Adams. Students understand what a primary source is and that letter writing is a primary source. Students describe an important event in their lives.
Writers engage with both past and present experiences to compose a letter during Write to a Friend Month.
Here are some ideas to get your students writing letters with a purpose.
Third graders write a letter from one character to another in a story they are reading. For this writing lesson plan, 3rd graders demonstrate their understanding of perspective.
Noah Mills is going to be a new student, and he is very afraid of starting at a new school! Use this prompt to introduce friendly letter writing. After studying the format, classmates write Noah a letter filled with specific details to persuade him that this school is the best. Who can write the best friendly and persuasive letter?
Learning about mail and letter writing can lead students on an educational journey that can be rewarding.
Students investigate five different conventions of letter writing. They examine five purposes for letter writing and send e-mail.
Eighth graders observe and demonstrate how to write letters using the modified block format. They examine and discuss the components of a modified block-letter, and write and send a letter to a former teacher using proper form and punctuation.
Letter writing lessons can provide a way to introduce students to this important mode of communication.
Students write a descriptive love letter. In this letter writing lesson, students listen to the story Love Letters by Arnold Adoff and discuss the main idea, tone, and imagery. They write their own love letter to a real person or as an imaginary letter between imaginary characters. 
Keep the art of letter writing alive in this age of Tweet and Twitter! The 10 activities detailed in this resource lead pupils through the process of crafting classic forms. A list of and links to famous letters is also included as part of this rich resource.
Ninth graders create real word business letters that promote goodwill and publish the letters. In this business letters lesson, 9th graders discuss the idea of establishing goodwill and study the elements of a business letter. Students use graphic organizers to guide them in the letter writing process as well as use sample business letters. Students research their audience, refine their purpose, and compose the business letters.
Use this printing practice worksheet to help pupils learn to form upper and lower case D'Nealian letters from A to Z. There are 26 practice pages on which learners trace letters and words before practicing on their own on the primary lines. Have each individual collate a book of their own work!
Use proper letter format and grammar to participate in a mail relay. After completing a pre-test about their knowledge of proper letter format, middle and high schoolers write letters to pupils in other high schools, which are relayed around the country. They show proper format and details to fit the intended audience.

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