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Students discover the art of writing letters. For this writing lesson, students read letters written by President Harry Truman and then write a series of their own letters that would give insight into the times in which they live.
Students analyze the language features and layout of a letter and discuss the language used to describe the features. They write a letter of complaint, requesting that the problem be fixed, using the appropriate language and layout.
Students investigate the challenges of delivering vast amounts of servicemen mail during World War II. In this historical perspectives lesson plan, students determine how to solve the problem that the postal service faced during the war and write their own letters from the perspective of American servicemen in the war.
Third graders explore the format of a formal letter.  In this letter writing lesson, 3rd graders listen to The Jolly Postman and Other People's Letters. Students write a thank-you and a letter to ask for something, and also address an envelope.
This letter writing PowerPoint demonstrates the parts of a friendly letter. In this PowerPoint, students view a diagram of the parts of a friendly letter.
Writing personal correspondence offers children a chance to learn many skills beyond simple format.
Students practice the format and elements of business letters by writing a request letter. In this business letter lesson, 11th graders review conventions of letter writing and brainstorm about their potential audience. Students research information for their audience, draft their letters, participate in peer revision, and type their final draft of the business letter.
Pupils develop letter writing fluency. In this letter writing instructional activity, students write alphabet letters. Pupils work individually to develop letter writing automaticity.
Students write friendly letters to pen pals, including a self-portrait done on KidPix. They also get the letter ready to send by addressing the envelope and placing the correct postage on it.
Students write a persuasive letter.  In this persuasive letter writing lesson, students review the standard business form letter and the elements included.  Students discuss ways to persuade in writing and write a short letter persuading another student to buy an object.  Students then write a persuasive letter to a specific company asking them to stop cutting down the rainforest.
Although rarely used these days, letter writing is still a form of writing reviewed in schools. After examining written letters, middle schoolers discuss characteristics of a formal letter and its parts. They choose a famous person to write to and prepare a letter in a formal style. After they finish writing, they read their letters to the class.
An informal/formal letters activity asks pupils to label the 15 greetings, salutations, and wording of passages from sample letters as being examples of either informal or formal writing. 
In this grammar instructional activity, students read thirteen sentences/questions and circle whether each sentence/question is true or false.
In this letter-writing worksheet, students are asked to pretend that they are Christopher Columbus and that they need to borrow money from the King and Queen of Spain. Students are asked to write a persuasive letter which convinces the royalty to grant their wish.
Conduct the letter activity described here at the beginning of the year. First, give a copy of a friendly letter to each of your pupils. This letter should be written by you and about you. Include errors for learners to fix. Class members find the errors, and then write their own letters, including 10 intentional errors for a classmate to fix. In order to show their errors are purposeful, writers create an answer key. Post all of the corrected letters on the wall so kids can read about one another.
Students create a biographical portfolio of the three important people. They write letters of request, asking for autographs of people in assorted fields. Students are explained that an autograph could be one of the following: A signature of the person, An inscription and signature of a person, A short note, handwritten or typed, signed by a person, A photograph inscribed and or signed by a person or A flat item signed by a person.
Students write a friendly letter. In this communication lesson, students write letters to mushers. Students complete a K-W-L chart, research the Iditarod and mushers, then write a friendly letter using the steps of the writing process. Resources are provided for actual addresses of mushers. 
Students select topic/topics of special interest and write a letter to a newspaper or government official stating their point of view and possible solutions; or write a letter to an environmental organization about their work in a particular area.
Students practice their letter writing skills by reading Cinderella in class.  In this language arts lesson, students discuss homonyms and are asked to write sentences using both definitions of specific homonyms.  Students read Cinderella and letters associated with the story while examining the differences between formal and informal letter writing.
This nicely-done computer based letter writing worksheet has learners fill in each blank with a noun from the word bank. There are 20 sentences. They complete instructions for writing a letter using the computer, and use words such as operating system, document, spell checker, envelope, and monitor.

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