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In this graphing special lines worksheet, students solve 18 short answer and graphing problems. Students graph lines given two points. Students find the slope of a line given two points. Students determine if two lines area parallel, perpendicular, the same line, or none of the above.
Combine math and art by getting your class create a painting with parallel and perpendicular lines. Youngsters design a picture using multiple lines in a variety of thickness and color. They find parallel and perpendicular lines in real life. What a terrific way to apply math to art!
Fifth graders study repeated lines and colors as they create lines of symmetry. For this math and visual arts lesson, 5th graders examine works of art by Michael Gregory and Martin Puryear to look for colors, lines, and shapes. They use a variety of color palettes in the polygons they draw with water soluble pencils as they show reflection in their artwork.
Fifth graders demonstrate different types of lines using movement. In this line and movement lesson, 5th graders demonstrate parallel and perpendicular lines, and lines of symmetry using dance movement. They also demonstrate rhombus shadowing.
This basic handout would be good for skills practice or a review of parallel and perpendicular lines. Review the definitions, then practice writing equations of lines that pass through a specific point and are either parallel or perpendicular to a given line using the point-slope formula. Although listed with a S-ID common core identifier, there are no problems that involve anything other than using a single "data"point.
In this regents high school examination worksheet, students solve thirty-eight geometry problems as preparation for the exam.  Solutions are provided.
In this geometry worksheet students assess their knowledge of high school geometry.  The twenty-eight page worksheet contains a combination of thirty-eight multiple choice and constructed response questions.  Answers are provided.
The University of New York Regents High School Exam for geometry from August 2009 is comprehensive in scope with 38 questions over 22 pages. Geometers can assess their mastery of core content with a combination of multiple choice and constructed response questions. A reference sheet with relevant formulas is included.
Students explore the concept of geometry.  In this geometry lesson, students practice problems from the geometry regents exam.  Students answer practice problems that are multiple choice.  Students answer questions involving angle measures, parallel lines, shapes, congruent figures, circles, perpendicular lines, etc.
The University of New York Regents High School Exam for geometry from June 2009 is comprehensive in scope with 38 questions over 22 pages. A reference sheet with relevant formulas is included.
Students solve for the area and perimeter of polygons. For this geometry lesson, students identify repeated patterns and create formula to solve problems. They make conjectures and prove hypotheses.
Young scholars research how engineers and scientists generate linear and angular measurements with geometry to survey the Earth and Mars. They assess how geometric shapes affect navigation. A surveyor comes to the classroom and explains how he surveys locations to describe the techniques he uses to show how geometry and math are used in surveying.
Tenth graders investigate parallel lines cut by a transversal.  In this geometry lesson, 10th graders construct parallel lines and a transversal and explore the measures of the eight angles formed.  The dynamic nature of the TI-nspire handheld allows the students to conjecture and verify.
Learners compare and order numbers. In this geometry lesson, students write equations for inequalities. They differentiate and apply concepts of triangular properties to solve problems.
Learners examine basic geometry terms and attempt to discover why geometry was developed and how we use geometry in our everyday life. In this using Geometers Sketchpad lesson, students explore a variety of activities pertaining to geometric knowledge. Learners then complete a group assessment and complete an individual essay test.
Students explore transformations.  For this middle school geometry lesson, students analyze movement of a shape from one place to another on a plane.  The lesson requires the use of the geoboard application of the TI-73.
In this parallel and perpendicular activity, students complete word problems involving parallel and perpendicular lines and their angles. Students complete 11 problems.
Students practice the high school Regents exam.  In this high school regents exam lesson plan, students practice geometry sample problems from a past Regents exam.  Students solve problems involving angle measures, side lengths, parallel and perpendicular lines, Pythagorean theorem, and other geometry topics.
In this geometry worksheet, 10th graders solve problems that are based on the topics covered in a first semester geometry class, including, linear equations and the equations of parallel and perpendicular lines, the logic of geometry, two-column proof, angle pairs, and parallel lines cut by a transversal. The six page worksheet contains forty-nine questions.  Answers are not included. 
Students identify lines, and line segments. In this geometry lesson, students divide line segments into equal congruent parts. They complete a laboratory activity dealing with lines and segments.