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Using technology and collaborative learning, this linking verbs instructional activity appeals to multiple skill levels and intelligences. Learners complete online quizzes with automatic feedback (do twice to measure improvement), and differentiate between action and linking verbs. They learn a linking verb song, and each hold up a linking verb poster when they hear their word sung. The song lyrics are not included. They act out sentences and finally use a linked program to animate what they've learned.
Help your students to complete their sentences with this bright and fun presentation, which guides students through the concept of linking verbs, forms of "be," and subject complements. A great introduction into different sentence forms and direct and indirect objects, this slideshow will be sure to reinforce your students grammar with an engaging lecture followed by a few exercise questions for students to complete.
In this linking verbs activity, students fill in 10 fill in the blank answers about the notes they read and read and underline the linking verb in 10 sentences. Students use the verb look as a linking verb in a complete sentence.
In this linking verbs worksheet, students circle the linking verbs and underline the adjective or noun it represents. Students complete 9 sentences.
In this grammar worksheet, students learn about using linking verbs in sentence writing. They then use what they read to answer the 12 problems on the worksheet. The answers are on the last page of the packet.
In this action and linking verbs worksheet, students label words as either action and linking verbs. Students label 12 words and underline subjects and verbs in 8 sentences.
It's easy to mix up action verbs and linking verbs, so invite your class to practice with a quick exercise. The sentences here tell a fun story about why a particular pupil couldn't do her homework, and include plenty of verbs to examine. In each sentence, at least one verb is bolded. Class members identify these verbs as either action verbs or linking verbs.
In this verbs worksheet, students read sentences and write the action verbs, write the complete predicates, and label the action and linking verbs. Students write thirty-nine answers.
Help youngsters differentiate linking verbs from action verbs from linking verbs. They write the verb found in each of 9 sentences, write verbs for each of  the nouns provided, complete a verb word search, and answer 10 multiple choice questions.
In this verbs activity, 4th graders complete 3 pages of exercises in which action and linking verbs are identified or chosen to complete sentences.
Seventh graders determine ways to distinguish between action and linking verbs. They list helping verbs after watching a teacher made PowerPoint presentation. They write and word process a narrative essay properly using verbs after practice proper use at a number of websites.
Early finishers? No worries, this set of 4 language arts exercises are cute, in a fun format, and focus on both helping and linking verbs. They write two sentences with describing verbs for listed occupations, write eight sentences using helping verbs, and correct sentences using linking verbs.
In this grammar learning exercise, students identify and underline the predicate adjective in the 20 sentences. Students also underline the linking verbs in another set of 20 sentences.
In this linking verbs and adjectives worksheet, students choose phrases from a word bank to complete conversations. Students match phrases to six sentence.  
What is a linking verb? Is it the same as a verb of being? Review some basics with your middle schoolers before sending them off to work on the two exercises independently. In the first, they identify the linking verb and the words it joins. Then, in Exercise B, they identify all verbs and whether they are linking or action verbs. 
In this recognizing action verbs and linking verbs in sentences worksheet, students read statements, identify the verbs, and label them either action or linking verbs. Students write 15 answers.
In this linking verb worksheet, students read and copy sentences with linking verbs in them. Students complete this for 32 sentences total.
In this action verbs and linking verbs learning exercise, students review the differences between the 2 types of verbs. Students examine 12 sentences and identify the action verbs and linking verbs.
For this linking verbs worksheet, students read about the proper usage of the verb to be. They underline the verb, to be, in 5 sentences, write the eight words that form the verb, and fill in the blank with the proper verb form in 6 sentences.
In this helping and linking verbs instructional activity, students create 16 different sentences that use either helping or linking verbs by connecting subjects with predicates that are arranged around a bulls-eye graphic organizer.

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